Update Primary Mobile Number

Case 1- When I have access to my registered mobile number

  • Log into https://seller.indiamart.com/ using the OTP you receive on your registered mobile number, or password.

PrimarySecondary Email 1real

  • Click on ‘Manage Profile’ on the top-right of your screen.


  • Upon successful login, you’ll be taken to ‘Contact Profile’ section. Update primary mobile number here.


  • To complete this action, verify yourself with OTP received on your primary mobile number.


  • On the ‘Change Mobile Number’ screen, update your primary mobile number and click on ‘Save’.


  • You will receive OTP on your new mobile number. Use this OTP for verification.


  • Upon successful verification, your primary mobile number will be updated.


However, if the mobile number you update is already registered with IndiaMART with another account, you will receive the message as shown below. If you choose ‘Yes, Continue’, it will disable the other account linked with the same mobile number and update the mobile number to this account.



Case 2- When I do not have access to my registered mobile number, but I have access to email ID

  • Log into https://seller.indiamart.com/ using your personal password, since mobile number is not accessible.



Different one.PNG

  • If you do not have the password than click on forgot password.

Different one 2

  • Once you have logged in successfully, click on ‘Manage Profile’.



  • This will direct you to the company profile section, where you will be able to update your primary mobile number.

Different one 3.PNG


  • On the screen (given below), click on ‘Send OTP on Email’.


  • Access this OTP from your registered email and verify yourself.
  • Add your new mobile number and click on ‘Save’.7
  • You will receive another OTP on the new number. Enter this OTP on the screen to verify yourself.


Your mobile number will be updated.



  • You can only edit your primary mobile number and not delete it, since it’s a prerequisite to have a profile on IndiaMART.
  • If the newly entered number is already opted in existing Paid Seller profile, you won’t be able to update the number.
  • If the mobile number entered is already registered in some other account, you’ll be prompted to the following screen.

Different one 4.PNG

  • If you choose to “Yes, Continue” then this will disable the other account linked with the same number & update the mobile number in this Account.