Swap Primary and Secondary Email ID

How do I swap my primary email ID with secondary email ID?

  • Log into seller.indiamart.com using your registered mobile number

  • Click on ‘Manage Profile’ on the top-right of your screen

  • To manage/update profile, you will be required to log in with password or OTP (one-time password).

  • Once logged in, you will land on the ‘Manage Profile’ section. Scroll down and remove the alternate e-mail.

  • To complete this action, verify yourself with OTP received on your primary mobile number.

  • Once you are verified, alternate email will be removed. Now, update the primary email.

  • Again, verify with OTP sent on your primary mobile number.

  • Upon successful verification, ‘Change Email’ screen appears. Enter the email ID here which was earlier your alternate email ID. Select the checkbox (to save current email ID as alternate one) and save the changes.

  • You will now receive OTP on your new email ID . Use this for verification. Your primary and secondary email IDs will now be successfully swapped.