Swap Primary and Secondary Mobile

How do I swap my primary mobile number with secondary mobile number?


  • Choose the appropriate option to login as per your accessibly, either via password or OTP. Demonstrating below via OTP Login, enter the OTP received & hit Sign In


  • Upon Successful login, go to “Manage Profile” over on the right-


  • This will take you to the “Contact Profile” section, from where you can remove the secondary mobile number. 


  • Upon removing the secondary mobile number, an OTP will be sent on the primary mobile number, enter the OTP in the prompted screen & verify yourself.


  • Once OTP is verified, the secondary mobile number will be removed from your account, as denoted below. You can now edit our primary mobile number.



  • Once again, verify yourself with the OTP sent on your primary mobile number.


  • Upon successful verification, ‘Change Mobile Number’ screen appears. Enter the mobile number here which was earlier your alternate one. Select the checkbox (to save current mobile number as alternate one) and save the changes.

  • You will now receive OTP on your new mobile number. Use this for verification. Your primary and secondary mobile numbers will now be successfully swapped.

  • Now, your secondary mobile number will be updated as primary.

  • Update the secondary mobile number

  • New OTP will be sent on your primary mobile number.

  • Another OTP will be sent to the number which you are updating as secondary. Verify yourself with these 2 OTPs.

  • Once verified, your secondary mobile number will be updated, thereby, swapping your primary number with the secondary one.