Seller Rating

What is supplier/seller rating?

Supplier/seller rating is provided by a buyer to a supplier based on buyer’s experience while dealing with the supplier. Buyer can rate the supplier from 1 to 5.

Why is seller rating important?

Seller rating is a measure of seller’s performance on IndiaMART. A high seller rating promotes sellers who have been given positive feedback by the buyers. This improves buyer experience on the platform, thereby, increasing business opportunities for all sellers.

Which type of buyer can rate a seller on IndiaMART?

Any buyer who has connected/done business with an IndiaMART seller can give seller rating, based on his/her experience with the seller. This includes call attempts, negotiation, completed deals, etc.

How does a buyer provide feedback/rating to a seller listed on IndiaMART?

IndiaMART takes feedback from buyers through emails. Buyers can share seller feedback as well as their feedback about overall IndiaMART experience through these emails.

Where do I check my rating?

Your average rating is visible under ‘Company Profile’ >> ‘Your Rating & Reviews’ section. Please note rating will start reflecting on your panel only if your buyers have rated you. There is no default rating.

How is my average rating calculated?

Your average rating is calculated as:

Average Rating = (Sum of Ratings Received) / (Total Number of Ratings Received)