Create and Send Quotations


What is ‘Send Quotation’ feature on seller panel?

  • ‘Send Quotation’ enables you to generate quotations in professional format by giving important details of the product as inputs.
  • Quotation is generated in PDF format with a few easy steps.
  • Buyers can easily compare all the quotations received from different sellers and select the most suitable seller for his/her product requirement.

What are the benefits of the quotation feature?

The provision to generate and send quotation in a few steps, has multiple benefits for both, buyer and seller.

Benefits for Sellers

  • It’s helps initiate seller’s discussion with the buyer
  • Quotation in a professional format can be generated easily and shared instantly with the buyer
  • It reduces the negotiation time for both the parties

Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyer receives the quotation in a structured format, hence it becomes easy for him/her to compare quotations received from multiple sellers
  • Buyer can contact the seller who provides him the best deal
  • It reduces the waiting time for the buyer to get the quotation

At which stage of communication with buyer should I send quotation?

As soon as you receive an enquiry from the buyer or you consume a buylead, you must generate quotation using seller panel, as per buyer’s requirement and send it across to the buyer. Buyers are highly likely to respond positively to sellers who connect with them first.

How do I create a product quotation?

On your seller panel, visit ‘Enquiries’ or ‘Message’ section. In response to any given enquiry or message, you can create a quotation in 4 simple steps and send it to your prospective buyers. To create a quotation, click on ‘Send quotation’ button/icon and follow these quick steps:

  • Select products from your listed catalog or add product with its details and image. Click on ‘Add Product’.
  • Enter relevant ‘Terms and Conditions’ for your business.
  • Click on ‘Generate PDF’. Your required quotation will be created in a professional PDF format with the appropriate product details shared by you.
  • Click on ‘Send quotation’ to share the quotation with your buyer.

To learn how to send quotation to a buyer, watch this video.