Create Quotation

Quotation is a formatted document created by supplier in response to buyer’s requirement. Using this feature, you can also send quotation in a professional format to your prospective buyers in just 2 clicks.

What are the benefits of the quotation feature?

The provision to generate and send quotation in a few steps, has multiple benefits for both, buyer and seller.

Benefits for Sellers

  • It’s helps initiate seller’s discussion with the buyer
  • Quotation in a professional format can be generated easily and shared instantly with the buyer
  • It reduces the negotiation time for both the parties

Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyer receives the quotation in a structured format, hence it becomes easy for him/her to compare quotations received from multiple sellers
  • Buyer can contact the seller who provides him the best deal
  • It reduces the waiting time for the buyer to get the quotation

At which stage of communication with buyer should I send quotation?

As soon as you receive an enquiry from the buyer or you consume a buylead, you must generate quotation using seller panel, as per buyer’s requirement and send it across to the buyer. Buyers are highly likely to respond positively to sellers who connect with them first.

How do I create a quotation?

  • Click on ‘Quotation’ icon.
  • Details of the product for which the enquiry is received will be automatically fetched from your catalog.
  • If you wish to add more products, click on ‘Add Product’ button. Add product images, price and description.
  • You can also fetch products from your catalog to add to the quotation. As you enter the product name, autosuggestion list of product names will appear. Select from here, the product you wish to add to the quotation.
  • Click Next to continue
  • Input terms and conditions
  • Click on ‘Generate Quotation’
  • You can preview the generated quotation before sending it to the buyer using ‘View Your Quotation’ option. If you wish to make changes in the generated PDF, click on ‘Modify Your quotation’.
  • Click on ‘Send Quotation’.

Your quotation will be sent as email, SMS and app notification to the buyer.

Is it mandatory to send the buyer my product quotation?

We highly recommend that you share quotation with the buyer, since you can establish first contact with the buyer by doing so. It helps buyer in making a quick buying decision. However, it’s not mandatory.

Can I send multiple quotations in response to a buyer requirement?

Yes, you can send multiple quotations. However, you have the provision of adding details of multiple products within the same quotation. So, we recommend you to furnish the details of all relevant products in one quotation for buyer to be able to track easily.

How do I edit or update the quotation already submitted by me?

There’s no provision to edit already submitted quotations. However, you can modify the quotation multiple times before sending it out to buyer. In case you wish to correct any of the details which you have already shared in quotation, you can send an updated one.

Will the buyer contact me after I have sent him/her the quotation?

Buyers receive quotations from multiple sellers through multiple channels. Hence, we always recommend you to proactively call the buyer after sending the quotation. This takes you a step nearer to closing the deal.

Can I add my preferred number (PNS) instead of my primary number to the quotation?

Your preferred number (PNS) is automatically captured on the quotation instead of your primary number. Buyer can connect with you on this number. This helps in maintaining your privacy.