Quotation Form

What is a ‘Quotation form’?

  • Quotation form enables sellers to submit quotation details about the product quickly and precisely which will help in closure of a deal with the buyer
  • Buyers can do an easy comparison of all the quotations received from different sellers and pick the best seller

What are the benefits of the quotation form?

Benefits for Sellers

  • It’s a base for the first line of discussion with the buyer
  • Seller can contact the right buyer at the right time
  • It reduces negotiation time for both the parties

Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyer receives the quotation in a structured format, hence it’s easy for him to compare quotations
  • Buyer can contact the seller who provides him the best deal
  • It reduces the waiting time for the buyer to get the quotation

When to send quotations to buyers?

  • After receiving a buyer enquiry, it is highly recommended that sellers submit quotations as well as call buyers immediately.

To learn how to send quotation to a buyer, watch this video.