Consume BuyLeads

What information do I get access to after consuming a BuyLead?

You get access to the following buyer details after consuming a BuyLead:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email ID and Contact Address  (If available)

How can I make the most of my consumed BuyLeads?

In order to maximize the conversion of BuyLeads into business, we recommend the following.

  • Contact buyers immediately after consuming the BuyLead over phone and email
  • Send quotation of your products to the buyer immediately, based on buyer requirement
  • Ensure regular follow-up on with the buyers
  • Keep your product prices competitive for best conversion

Under what conditions does a BuyLead gets expired?

A BuyLead gets expired under the following conditions:

  • If BuyLead is purchased by the tenth supplier
  • If buyer himself marks the BuyLead as expired
  • On the third day of BuyLead posting
  • If we receive a complaint against the buyer

How to track previously consumed BuyLead?

Under the ‘Buy Leads’ tab on the seller panel, click on Consumed Leads & Tenders >> Consumed Leads. Here, you’ll be able to access details of your previously consumed BuyLeads.