Consume BuyLead

What information do I get access to, after consuming a BuyLead?

You get access to the following buyer details after consuming a BuyLead:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email ID and Contact Address  (if available)

How can I make the most of my consumed BuyLeads?

In order to maximize the conversion of BuyLeads into business, we recommend the following.

  • Contact buyers immediately after consuming the BuyLead over phone and email
  • Send quotation of your products to the buyer immediately, based on buyer requirement
  • Ensure regular follow-up on with the buyers
  • Keep your product prices competitive for best conversion

Under what conditions does a BuyLead get expired?

A BuyLead gets expired under the following conditions:

  • If BuyLead is purchased by the tenth supplier
  • If buyer himself marks the BuyLead as expired
  • On the third day of BuyLead posting
  • If we receive a complaint against the buyer

How do I track previously consumed BuyLead?

Under the ‘Buy Leads’ tab on the seller panel, click on Consumed Leads & Tenders >> Consumed Leads. Here, you’ll be able to access details of your previously consumed BuyLeads.


How does increased consumption of BuyLeads improve relevance?

As you consume more and more BuyLeads on IndiaMART, we are able to capture your BuyLead preference and consumption pattern more accurately. This allows us to send you BuyLeads based on your consumption pattern, thereby, increasing relevance of your BuyLeads.

Does shortlisting BuyLeads impact their relevance?

Yes, by shortlisting buyleads, you help us understand your preference of buyleads, based on which we refine our processes and share more such buyleads with you.

How do I remove a buylead from shortlist?

A shortlisted buylead is star-marked and can be viewed under the ‘Shortlisted Leads’ tab under ‘BuyLeads’ section on the seller panel. To remove them from the shortlist, simply click on the star icon against the buylead.

How do I view more BuyLeads of a particular type which are relevant to my business?

You can see similar BuyLeads next to all the BuyLeads on your seller panel. If you find a BuyLead relevant for your business, you can view more such BuyLeads by clicking on the similar BuyLeads option. As you consume more BuyLeads, it helps IndiaMART understand your BuyLead consumption pattern, thereby, increasing the volume of such BuyLeads.