Product Title

What is an effective way to write the product title?

Following are some points to write an effective product title

  • Product title must be under 70 characters including the spaces
  • It should be unique and should have searchable product names
  • The first letter of each word in the product title should be in upper case
  • Should include item specifications such as size, color, condition, article number, brand name, etc. (if possible)
  • Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five)
  • Use correct spellings and grammar
  • Use seller name as a brand name only if your product is a private label
  • Use standard molecular formula, if need be, for example, Fe used for Iron (not fe or FE); Al used for Aluminum (not al or AL)

What are some of the practices that should be avoided while writing a product title?

  • Do not use price and quantity in a product title
  • Do not use same name products in a catalog
  • Do not include any company-specific or seller-specific information
  • Do not use all capital letters
  • Do not include any promotional message such as ‘Discounted’, ‘Sale’, etc. in the product title
  • Do not include subjective/adjectives words in the product title, such as ‘Beautiful Dress’, ‘Best-Selling Suit’, ‘Wow’, etc.
  • Do not use words that are banned or are illegal
  • Do not use conjunctions (and/or) and articles(a/an/the)in the product title
  • Do not use any adult products/keywords