Preferred Number Service (PNS)

What is Preferred Number Service (PNS)?

  • It is a unique virtual number given to the sellers by IndiaMART.
  • When a buyer calls on this number, all the numbers of the seller registered with IndiaMART ring simultaneously.
  • This ensures that the seller does not miss any business call.

What are the benefits of PNS?

  • Visibility of preferred number on seller catalogs. It is also visible on all IndiaMART platforms.
  • Better enquiry (business calls) tracking with instant SMS & email alerts
  • Reduced spam/ telemarketing calls on this number (up to 95% control)
  • All the calls through a single number- 080-7199-7199 or 080-4299-4299
  • The client never misses a business call as it connects with all the registered numbers of the client simultaneously
  • The client can keep a track of the ROI he/she has received from IndiaMART

How many mobile and landline numbers can be mapped to preferred number?

PNS can be activated on 8 contact numbers of which at least one number should be a mobile number.

How should I edit PNS details on my seller panel?

  • Log into
  • Visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘My PNS’
  • You will see your preferred number and currently mapped numbers to PNS under this section.
  • To add a new number, click on ‘Add More Numbers’ and enter the required details in the dialog box that opens.
  • Save the changes.
  • To edit the currently mapped numbers, click on ‘Edit Numbers’. You will be redirected to ‘Additional Contact Details’ page.
  • Edit the required contact details here and save the changes.

Where can I access the details of missed buyer calls?

If you’ve missed buyer call on your PNS number, you will receive the contact details of buyer as well as time of call through your registered email as well as on SMS on your registered mobile number.

Where can buyers see my preferred number?

Your preferred number is visible to your buyers on your catalog in ‘Contact us’ option. It’s also visible to buyers on all IndiaMART platforms.

Can I mention the preferred number allocated to me on other channels of communication, such as email, etc.?

Yes, since this is a number allocated to you, it can be used by you on emails, office stationery, or any other channel of business.

What are the office and non-office hour timings?

Office hours- 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Monday to Saturday).
Non-office hours- 7:00 pm to 9:00 am (Monday to Saturday) and Sunday and national bank holidays (as per RBI).

When a buyer calls, in what sequence will my numbers be connected?

All the contact numbers mapped to PNS will ring at the same time, when a buyer calls. However, you can select time of your preference as office or non-office hours.

Can I get my preferred number (PNS) changed/edited?

No, PNS is a unique virtual number allocated to you, which is displayed on your catalog. You cannot edit this number. However, you can edit your contact numbers mapped to this PNS number using your seller panel.

How do I source the details of buyer calls which I have missed in the past?

Each time you miss a buyer call, you receive an alert on SMS and email with buyer name and details. You can also check on Lead Manager (on your seller panel), all the missed calls received on your PNS number. If you have the name or number of the buyer, whose calls you have missed, you can search for the buyer using the name/number on Lead Manager and connect with buyer through it.