Pay with IndiaMART

How can I create and access my Pay with IndiaMART account?
If you already have a paid IndiaMART account, you can be up and running on Pay with IndiaMART in no time. Just complete the KYC process and you will be ready to accept payments from the buyers.

What are the details required for KYC?

KYC is a simple process to authenticate a seller on Pay with IndiaMART. It requires verification of your:

  • PAN
  • Bank Account Number
  • IFSC Code

Is Pay with IndiaMART a paid service?

Pay with IndiaMART is automatically set up for suppliers with paid account on IndiaMART. There is no initial set-up fee, maintenance fee, etc. However, for every transaction done, there is a nominal per transaction fee of 1.75% of the transaction amount plus GST. GST is not computed on the total transaction amount, but only on the transaction fee of 1.75%.

Additionally, the first 10 transactions for you are free, i.e. there is no transaction fee levied.

What are the modes of payment supported by Pay with IndiaMART?

Using Pay with IndiaMART, you can collect payment from your buyer through any of these modes of payment.

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Net banking
  • E-wallet

You can receive payment from buyers not just on IndiaMART, buy anywhere.

How can I accept payments via Pay with IndiaMART?

Method 1

  • You can accept the payments via Pay with IndiaMART by using the “Generate Invoice Link” on your dashboard

Method 2

  • A buyer can pay you directly via Pay with IndiaMART option on your catalog.


What is the upper limit of transaction amount for collecting payment through Pay with IndiaMART?

There is a daily limit of Rs. 1 Lac and a weekly limit of Rs. 2 Lac when collecting payment through Pay with IndiaMART.

What is the lower limit of transaction amount for collecting payment through Pay with IndiaMART?

Rs. 20 is the lower transaction limit for collecting payment through Pay with IndiaMART.

What should I do if I want to collect payment amount over 1 Lac through Pay with IndiaMART?

To collect payment amount over 1 Lac in a day, please call us at 08061-856-856.

How can I determine the amount I will receive from the buyer after deduction of Pay with IndiaMART transaction fee?

In order to correctly determine your final receivable from buyer (post transaction fee deduction), use Pay with Indiamart rate calculator.

How does a buyer make payment to me using Pay with IndiaMART

Buyer’s journey on Pay with IndiaMART is as given below. A buyer will

1. Visit your IndiaMART catalog and click on Pay with IndiaMART
2. Enter his/her mobile number and product details
3. Use Pay with IndiaMART payment methods to make the payment
4. After a buyer has done the payment, you’ll get a notification to accept the payment
5. If you are not a pre-approved KYC supplier, you’ll have to verify yourself through our KYC process. Thereafter, the payment will be released in your bank account.