Advanced Tips on Enquiry

How do I export/download all my buyer enquiries in a spreasheet?

IndiaMART seller panel allows you to manage all your enquiries efficiently on the panel itself. There is no provision for exporting/downloading enquiries data in a spreadsheet/MS Excel, etc. We recommend you to manage enquiries, send message and quotation to buyers through your IndiaMART panel.

What are some of the best practices for responding to enquiries for maximum buyer interest?

When you reply to an enquiry, please consider the following:

  • Assess the buyer requirement thoroughly
  • Try to respond to an enquiry on the same day, however, do not send reminders too early
  • Reply with all the requested details
  • Keep your reply precise and don’t include unnecessary details
  • Reply with the same currency and measurement units as quoted in the enquiry
  • Add a personal signature on each post including your business address and contact details
  • Always maintain an updated record of the communication you have with the buyer

Your seller panel gives you the option to send messages to your buyers using ‘Message’ section. You can chat with your buyer to understand his/her requirements better, thereby, increasing your chances of conversion.

Pricing Tips

  • Keep the product prices competitive
  • Offer a range of prices*

*Prices are negotiable

Communication Tips

  • Avoid spelling mistakes and short forms
  • Refrain from sending too heavy attachments
  • Maintain the replying sequence as per buyer requirement
  • Follow up regularly with the buyer for conversion