Product Categories

What is product mapping?

Product mapping refers to the aligning of products to the relevant product categories, making it easier for buyers to search the product.

How many categories can a product be mapped to?

You can have a maximum of 40 user-defined categories in your catalog with a maximum of 40 products in each category.

Why should I categorize my products?

  • Product categorization helps in better presentation of the products in your catalog. It gives a structure to your catalog.
  • It’s easier for the buyers to search for the relevant products by navigating through the relevant product categories.

What is the need for product mapping?

Product mapping helps to categorize the suppliers on the basis of their goods/services.

IndiaMART maps suppliers’ products into specific and relevant categories. This has multiple benefits:

  • Helps in directing relevant business leads to suppliers based upon category mapping.
  • Provides buyers with a large number of suppliers dealing in a particular product category by browsing through those categories on IndiaMART platform.

Where can I check the product categories I have chosen as leading/star?

To view and manage product categories for your leading/star products, visit ‘Products & Groups’ section on your seller panel. Under ‘Product Categories’, you will be able to see and manage your products.

How do I move ungrouped products to a group?

To move any ungrouped product to a group:
• Log into
• Visit ‘Products & Groups’ >> ‘Manage Products’
• Select the ungrouped product
• Edit product and mark it in the desired category. Save the changes.

How do I change product group name?

To change a product groups name:
• Log into
• Visit ‘Products & Groups’ >> ‘Manage Products Groups’
• Click on ‘Edit’. Update the group name and save the changes.

How do I change product group description?

To change the description of a product group:
• Log into
• Visit ‘Products & Groups’ >> ‘Manage Products Groups’
• Click on ‘Edit’. Update the group description and save the changes

How do I remove premium service from any of my product listings?

  • Log into
  • Visit ‘Products & Groups’ >> ‘Product Categories’
  • You will see the list of all your categories along with the products mapped to each. Click on the ‘delete’ sign in front of the product name, which you wish to remove from any particular category.