Search for Best-Fit BuyLead

What are the details I should check while consuming a BuyLead?

You must check the following details of a BuyLead before you consume it.

  • Product specifications in BuyLead
  • Recency of BuyLead
  • Buyer’s location
  • Order quantity
  • Product features (eg. size, dimensions, weight, etc.)
  • Approximate order value
  • Application/Usage of a requirement
  • The frequency of requirement (one-time/repeat, etc.)

Can I search for BuyLeads from a specific city or state?

Yes, you can search for buyleads from a specific city/state. Use ‘Search by Location’ option under ‘BuyLeads’ section on your seller panel. After applying this filter, enter the product name in the search box on the top and click on the search. All the buyleads (with the most recent one on top) for your product from the selected city/state will be displayed.

What should I do to receive BuyLeads only from a particular region, such as my local area or foreign leads or leads from all over India?

You can reset your location preference in order to receive BuyLeads only from that region. ‘Location Preference’ option allows you to receive leads from India, Foreign or Local (i.e. your city and nearby cities within 250 kms). To change location preference, visit, ‘Settings’ >> ‘Location Preference’ >> Select location of your choice.

What should my location preference be, if I want to receive BuyLeads from both India and abroad?

If you wish to receive BuyLeads from India as well as other countries, we recommend you to set your location preference as ‘India’ and you can search for foreign buyleads using ‘Location’ filter. As you regularly consume foreign buyleads, you will start receiving more of such leads gradually.

However, if you set location preference as ‘Foreign’, you will receive only foreign leads and your visibility will also be impacted among sellers dealing in India.

Can I choose to receive BuyLeads only from specific countries or continents?

No, currently there is no provision to choose BuyLeads from specific countries or continents. However, if you select ‘Foreign’ under ‘Search by Location’ option of ‘BuyLeads’ section, you will be able to view all the foreign buyleads for your products.

Does IndiaMART verify foreign buyleads?

No, IndiaMART does not verify foreign buyleads. We, therefore, recommend you to verify buyer credentials in all foreign dealings, and proceed only once you are completely satisfied.

What are the different BuyLead filters available to select most suitable BuyLeads for business?

You can sort/filter BuyLeads as per your requirement, using the following BuyLead filters:

Order Value Filter 
• Above 50,000 | Below 50,000

Lead Type Filter
• All Leads | Retail Leads | Non-Retail Leads

Location Filter
• My City | My Local Area | My State | India | All | Foreign

Top Categories Filter
It allows you to filter out BuyLeads from your top product categories.


What should I do if I am not able to find BuyLeads for my products?

To search BuyLeads for your products, use the search box on your seller panel. Select ‘Buy Leads’ from the drop-down on search box and enter your product name. All the BuyLeads for your product specifications will be displayed. You can then shortlist them based on the recency, order volume, location, etc.

What are recommended locations under BuyLead location filter?

Recommended locations are the cities/countries identified based on your recently used BuyLeads. We send you more BuyLeads from these locations, based on your consumption pattern and preference.