Searching Best-Fit BuyLeads

What are the details to be checked while consuming a BuyLead?

Check following details before consuming BuyLead.

  • Product specifications in BuyLead
  • Recency of BuyLead
  • Buyer’s location
  • Order quantity
  • Product features (eg. size, dimensions wt. etc.)
  • Approximate order value
  • Application/Usage of a requirement
  • The frequency of requirement (one-time/repeat, etc.)

What are the different BuyLead filters available to select most suitable BuyLeads for business?

You can sort/filter BuyLeads as per your requirement, using the following BuyLead filters:

Order Value Filter 
• Above 50,000 | Below 50,000

Lead Type Filter
• All Leads | Retail Leads | Non-Retail Leads

Location Filter
• My City | My Local Area | My State | India | All | Foreign

Top Categories Filter
It allows you to filter out BuyLeads from your top product categories.

Can I find buyers from a specific city or state?

You can also search buyers particular to a specific city/state by writing the product name along with city/state name in the BuyLeads section of your seller dashboard and click on the search.