Tenders on IndiaMART

What is a tender?

‘Tender’ usually refers to the process by which government and other institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. In India, projects over a certain value have to be publicly notified through tender notices, which are advertised through all-India newspapers, trade journals, departmental publications and notice boards, and now on the Internet. Interested suppliers, vendors, agencies, etc. can submit their quotations by a pre-defined deadline to bid for the business.

How can I search for specific tenders?

You can use our preference section in the search bar to fetch preferred tenders in the following ways:

  • Product Name: You can search for specific products from our database of tenders
  • Project State: You can search tenders issued from a specific state. For example, if you input ‘Karnataka’, it would return all the tenders issued from the state of Karnataka
  • Project City: You can search tenders issued from a specific city. For example, a search for ‘Bangalore’ would return all the tenders issued from Bangalore
  • Company Name: Key in the ‘Company Name’ to get information on the tenders floated by a specific company

How can I track the tenders I had consumed previously?

Under the Buy Leads tab, click on Consumed Leads & Tenders >> Consumed Tenders. Here you’ll be able to view details of the tenders you have consumed in the past.