Manage Products

How do I add products to my IndiaMART catalog?

  • Step 1- Log into
  • Step 2- Go to Products & Groups >> Add Products
  • Step 3- Add product details- product name, image, description, product group, etc. and click on ‘Save’.

After you have added a new product, it is approved/rejected within 24 hours by our team.

How do I delete a product from my catalog?

To delete a product from your catalog,

  • Log into
  • Visit Products & Groups >> Manage Products
  • Click on ‘delete’ option in front of the product you do not wish to sell anymore.

How to increase the visibility of your products?

  • Make sure that you enter the correct and complete product name and description
  • Upload high-resolution product images from different angles
  • Add price*, payment methods, minimum order quantity and your trading reputation in detailed description
  • Map your products to the most suitable and relevant product groups and categories

*Provide a tentative price in case it fluctuates

What are the best practices for adding product description?

  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and specifications about the product and add a unique description for each product
  • Avoid company-related information in product description like email address, phone number, address, etc.
  • Do not include information about additional products in one product description
  • Use bullet points or text in separate lines to describe product specifications
  • Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five)
  • Do not use all capitals and all small letters and use abbreviations in capital (wherever required)
  • Do not include trademarks, logos, unless you have the permission to use them
  • Do not use copied product information from other sources

Note: IndiaMART reserves the right to remove images and content that are not meeting the image and content standards and guidelines.

Where do I see the reason of rejection for my product listing?

You can see the list of all your rejected listings, along with the reason of rejection, in the ‘Products & Groups’ section of your seller panel, under ‘Rejected’ tab. You must take appropriate action to correct your listing.

What are the possible reasons of product listing rejection?

Some of the reasons due to which your product listing may be rejected are:

  • Unclear product name
  • Irrelevant or no product description
  • Mismatch in product name and product description
  • Test/dummy/duplicate product listing
  • Invalid watermark or contact details on product listing
  • Plagiarism (i.e. copied from Google or any other source)
  • Product image captured/clicked from computer screen
  • Incomplete description on ISQ
  • Rejected by suspect IP

However, there may be additional reasons of product rejection. IndiaMART reserves the rights to approve/reject product listing.

If one of my product images is rejected, will the entire product listing be rejected too?

No, if one or more of your product image(s) are rejected, only these images will be deleted. If the remaining details of your product listing are correct and complete, the product listing will be approved. You can add the product images as per guidelines, thereafter.

I have made the required changes to my rejected product listing, based on the rejection reason. But, I can’t see the product under approved listings. Why?

After you have corrected your product listing, it takes 24 hours for the changes to reflect in the catalog.

After I have made changes to my catalog or ‘About Us’ section, within how much time will they start reflecting?

Once you have made the changes to your catalog or ‘About Us’ section, they start reflecting within 24 hours (subject to approval by IndiaMART).

If the products I added are not reflecting on my catalog, what should I do?

The products added by you reflect on your catalog within 24 hours (subject to approval by IndiaMART). If the product is not listed on catalog, you must first check if the product listing has been approved or rejected. To view the list of your rejected products, visit ‘Products & Groups’ >> ‘Manage Products’ >> ‘Rejected’ tab. Here, you will also be able to see the reason for rejection of your listing.

If my products are out of stock, are they still visible on IndiaMART?

To ensure best buyer experience, out-of-stock products are temporarily removed from IndiaMART directory listings. However, these listings continue to be visible on the product details page even when they are out of stock. Once you replenish the inventory of these products and remove them from ‘Out of Stock’ category on your panel, they become live on IndiaMART directory listings.

How do I make my products more visible to buyers?

Follow these steps to improve the visibility of your products:
• Enter a relevant and clear product name
• Choose a high-resolution product image
• Besides text description, use multi-picture illustration, as well as trading details such as price, payment methods, minimum order and your trading reputation in detail. This helps to win buyer trust and interest in doing business with you.
• Map your products to the most relevant and suitable product category on IndiaMART.

Why do I need to provide product price on my catalog?

Products with prices mentioned have the following advantages:

• Instant visibility and more credibility among buyers
• Relevant enquiries from relevant buyers
• Quick buying decision and better chances of maturity
• Preference on IndiaMART Search 

Does mentioning price on products impact my listing?

Yes, adding price to products in catalog impacts your listing positively. Since buyers prefer products with prices mentioned on them, thus, these products have higher search preference on IndiaMART and hence more visibility.

Can I provide the product price in description?

You can add product price in the price field under the ‘Manage Products’ section. You may also add a price range in the product description.

Can I select any currency unit for product price on the seller panel?

No, we accept product prices only in Indian currency. We, therefore, request you to convert the foreign currency prices in INR and add approx. price on your catalog.

I don’t have a fixed price for my products. Can I mention a price range?

We do not accept price range as an input, hence you can provide an approximate value of the price. Additionally, you can mention the price range in the product description, if required.

The prices of my products vary on a daily basis. How should I update the product price?

If the price of your product is not fixed, then you must mention the approximate price of your product. However, wide price range would not be accepted.

How should the shipping charges and taxes be included in the mentioned price?

Taxes are included in the bill/invoice itself and shipping charges can be added in the invoice depending on the charges. Hence, we recommend you to share an approximate price instead of a precise value.

Where should I mention any extra charges applicable for my product(s)?

Extra charges applicable to the product must be mentioned in the product description.

How do I add product videos to my catalog?

  • Log into
  • Visit ‘Products & Groups’
  • Click on the product details or click on ‘Edit’
  • Under ‘Additional Details’, enter product video URL in the required field and save the changes