Enquiry Management

How can I track buyer enquiries through my seller panel?

  • Step 1- Visit seller.indiamart.com.
  • Step 2- Log in using your IndiaMART mobile number.
  • Step 3- Under the ‘Enquiries’ tab, you will see all your enquiries with a host of details like sender name, contact number, location, etc.

You can perform required actions such as reply to enquiry, send quotation, set reminder for follow-up, etc. using your seller panel.

How can I enhance the count of relevant enquiries?

You may consider the following tips to improve the relevance of your buyer enquiries.

  • Improve product listing quality
  • Ensure relevant products are present in your catalog
  • Remove irrelevant products from your catalog (which you do not wish to deal in)
  • Ensure product names are formulated on the basis of relevance and the ability to get searches for that product name
  • Ensure product image and description are as per the prescribed guidelines
  • Ensure that your hot-selling products are marked as ‘hot products’ on your catalog
  • Ensure that you provide the price details for as much products as possible in your catalog as product with prices are better ranked than products without price details
  • You can also upgrade your IndiaMART services in order to enhance your visibility and listing on IndiaMART platform

Why am I getting retail enquiries?

You must mention minimum order quantity against each product on your catalog so that you do not receive retail/low quantity buyer requirements for the products that you wish to sell in bulk.

What should I do if the buyer doesn’t respond to the quotation I have sent for my products?

As a supplier, you must never wait for the buyer to contact you first. Once you have sent your quotation to the buyer, you must regularly follow up with him/her for further negotiation and to clarify any doubts that the buyer might have for your product(s). This helps increase chances of conversion and closure of deal.

How should I search for past enquiries?

You can search for your past enquiries on your seller panel. Follow these steps to access past enquiries.

  • Log into seller.indiamart.com (seller panel).
  • Visit ‘Enquiries >> ‘Past Enquiries’
  • Select the year from the drop-down menu, for which you wish to see the list of enquiries

List of all past enquiries in the selected time duration will be displayed along with the details of sender, location, date and source.

Can I download all my enquiries and buyleads in one place?

No, we do not give provision for downloading enquiries and leads due to data security reasons. However, using the multiple features on seller panel, you can easily manage as well as respond instantly to hundreds of enquiries.

How to mark enquiry received as irrelevant?

You can follow the below steps to provide your feedback pertaining to a enquiry:

  • Visit seller.indiamart.com
  • Select the enquiry from the ‘Enquiries’ section which you wish to mark as irrelevant
  • Provide your feedback pertaining to the enquiry from the tab stating ‘Is this enquiry relevant?’, located just below the sender’s details.

How many folders can be created to manage enquiries better on the seller panel?

You can create up to 25 folders under ‘Enquiries’ section of your panel, to manage your enquiries effectively. You may use these folders to segregate enquiries based on product, location, employee, business volume, stage of communication/negotiation, etc., depending on your need.