Location Settings

What is the importance of setting the location preference?

  • Appropriate location preference helps IndiaMART in providing you the most relevant BuyLeads from the location of your choice. 
  • It allows you to receive BuyLeads location from your local area, all over India or only outside of India (foreign).

Can I change my location preference setting in future?

Yes, you can change your location preference as per your requirement anytime using your seller dashboard.

  • Log into seller.indiamart.com.
  • Visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Location Preference’
  • Select location of your choice from the three options- Local, India, Foreign
  • Confirm and save the changes.

Does Location Preference impact my direct enquiries?

  • No, location preference does not impact your direct enquiries (except for foreign-only clients). You can receive enquiries from buyers all over the world. Your catalog is promoted worldwide by Indiamart.com
  • Catalogs of those suppliers are visible outside India who has their location preference as ‘Foreign only’.

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