Location Settings

What is the importance of setting the location preference?

  • Appropriate location preference helps IndiaMART in providing you the most relevant BuyLeads from the location of your choice. 
  • It allows you to receive BuyLeads location from your local area, all over India or only outside of India (foreign).

Can I change my location preference setting in future?

Yes, you can change your location preference as per your requirement anytime using your seller dashboard.

  • Log into seller.indiamart.com.
  • Visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Location Preference’
  • Select location of your choice from the three options- Local, India, Foreign
  • Confirm and save the changes.

Does location preference impact the buyleads that I receive?

IndiaMART sends you buyleads from the location of your preference. Additionally, as you consume buyleads from your chosen location regularly, you gradually start receiving more such leads based on your consumption pattern.

Does location preference impact my direct enquiries?

Yes, your selected location preference impacts your direct enquiries. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Your catalog is promoted in the geographies of your preference. This allows buyers in those geographies to view your catalog when they’re searching for your products. Hence, your chance of receiving direct enquiries from such buyers increases.
  • Additionally, your location preference impacts the buyleads that you receive, and hence your buyleads consumption. Based on your consumption pattern, the visibility of your catalog increases in those locations from where you consume maximum buyleads, thereby, increasing the chance of more buyers from that region visiting your catalog and sending you enquiries.

How do I identify that based on my usage, BuyLeads of which cities/countries will be shared with me?

On your seller panel, under Settings >> Location Preference, you can see the cities and countries from which you will receive BuyLeads. This is identified based on your consumption history and usage of BuyLeads.