IndiaMART Advantage Program (IMA)

What is IndiaMART Advantage Program (IMA)?

  • In IndiaMART Advantage Program, allocates free BuyLeads to suppliers on a weekly basis. These BuyLeads are not carried forward to the next week, if not consumed.
  • This program is only for paid catalog members.

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Note: Allocation of BL is done on Sunday and it lapses on Saturday

How many IMA BuyLeads will be allocated to suppliers on a weekly basis?

IMA BuyLeads are allocated on the following basis:

Service Name                  BL Allocation

MDC                                   7 Leads/Week

TS Catalog                         14 Leads/Week

Maximiser                        21 Leads/Week

SS                                        35 Leads/Week

LS                                        49 Leads/Week

ILP/FPL/CPL                      70 Leads/Week


What are IMA Rewardz?

Under IMA Rewardz program, you get back the number of BuyLeads which you consume within the first 4 weeks of hosting. These BuyLeads which you receive after 4 weeks are not lapsable.