IndiaMART Advantage Program (IMA)

What is IndiaMART Advantage Program (IMA)?

  • In IndiaMART Advantage Program, allocates free BuyLeads to suppliers on a weekly basis. These BuyLeads are not carried forward to the next week, if not consumed.
  • This program is only for paid catalog members.

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Note: Allocation of BL is done on Sunday and it lapses on Saturday

How many IMA BuyLeads will be allocated to suppliers on a weekly basis?

IMA BuyLeads are allocated on the following basis:

Service Name                  BL Allocation

MDC                                   7 Leads/Week

TS Catalog                         14 Leads/Week

Maximiser                        21 Leads/Week

SS                                        35 Leads/Week

LS                                        49 Leads/Week

ILP/FPL/CPL                      70 Leads/Week

What are IMA Rewardz?

Under IMA Rewardz program, you get back the number of BuyLeads which you consume within the first 4 weeks of hosting.

After how much time do the IMA Rewardz get lapsed if I do not use them?

Buyleads received as IMA Rewardz do not get lapsed. You can use them anytime as per your requirement.

How many credit points does each BuyLead cost?

Each BuyLead under IndiaMART Advantage Program (IMA) is equivalent to 200 points.

What happens to BuyLead allocation if a seller is marked as PNS or email defaulter due to unresponsiveness?

If a paid catalog member is marked as PNS/Email defaulter, the weekly buylead count is restricted to 7 buyleads are allocated irrespective of the service type.

What is the eligibility criteria for IMA Rewardz?

All new or existing upgrading to a higher service (after 11th Dec’17) are eligible for IMA Rewardz.

How can one enroll into this program?

An eligible client is automatically enrolled under IMA Rewardz after hosting.

How can one get maximum benefit from IMA Rewardz?

To get maximum benefit from this program, the client must consume maximum possible BuyLeads within the first four weeks of hosting. On the first Sunday after these 4 weeks, he will be allocated the same number of consumed BuyLeads. These leads do not get lapsed.

How will I get to know how many BuyLeads will be rewarded?

At the end of the IMA Rewardz period, you will be notified of the count of your reward points through email. You can also check these details on your dashboard under the path:  >> Buy Leads >> Transaction History

How do I differentiate between my weekly IMA buyleads and IMA Rewardz?

After IMA Rewardz have been added to your account, at any point in time, you will see the sum of your unused weekly buyleads and unused IMA Rewardz as your available buyleads balance. For example, if you have 30 IMA Rewardz and 7 weekly IMA buyleads, and you consume 1 buylead, your available balance will be 30 + (7 -1) = 36. This implies that first your weekly buyleads are consumed and then IMA Rewardz can be used for using further buyleads.

Can I use my unused IMA Rewardz even after my paid service is discontinued?

No, once your paid services are discontinued, your unused IMA Rewardz will get lapsed.