Hot Products

What is a hot product?

  • The highest selling product of a supplier is known as a hot product
  • If a product is to be promoted more than other products then it needs to be marked as a hot product by the supplier

What are the benefits of marking a product as a hot product?

  • Higher searchability
  • Higher promotion
  • More enquiries

Are there any specific image guidelines for a hot product?

  • Images should not have watermark/logo/prices/product offers or any additional information
  • Images must represent the product and show only the product
  • Images must have watermark opacity > 70%

Why am I not able to mark a product as hot product?

If you are not able to mark a product as hot, you must check that:

• Fewer than 8 products have been marked as hot, since you can mark only up to 8 hot products. Hence, if you have already marked 8 products as hot earlier, you must first remove one of the products from the hot product category and then mark a new product as hot.

• The product you are trying to mark as hot has the product image, name, description and price. Without these basic details, a product cannot be marked as hot.