Hot Products

What is a hot product?

  • The highest selling product of a supplier is known as a hot product
  • If a product is to be promoted more than other products then it needs to be marked as a hot product by the supplier

What are the benefits of marking a product as a hot product?

  • Higher searchability
  • Higher promotion
  • More enquiries

Are there any specific image guidelines for a hot product?

  • Images should not have watermark/logo/prices/product offers or any additional information
  • Images must represent the product and show only the product
  • Images must have watermark opacity > 70%

Why am I not able to mark a product as hot product?

If you are not able to mark a product as hot, you must check that:

• Fewer than 8 products have been marked as hot, since you can mark only up to 8 hot products. Hence, if you have already marked 8 products as hot earlier, you must first remove one of the products from the hot product category and then mark a new product as hot.

• The product you are trying to mark as hot has the product image, name, description and price. Without these basic details, a product cannot be marked as hot.

What is the purpose of ‘Push To Top’ option given against each product listing?

‘Push To Top’ option allows you to prioritize some of your products over others in your catalog, thereby, bringing them on top of your catalog and increasing their visibility. You must push those of your products to top the visibility of which you wish to increase, thereby, increasing their sales.