Business Details

How can I add/update business information?

  • Step 1- Visit
  • Step 2- Log in using your mobile number
  • Step 3- Go to Company Profile >> Business Profile
  • Step 4- You may add or edit relevant business information

What is a business profile on IndiaMART seller panel?

The more detailed and updated the information, the more relevant queries you get. Business Profile includes:

  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Business type

Note: You can also upload your business card on the seller dashboard by clicking on ‘Add Business Card’.

How do I add/update my company logo?

  • Log into
  • Visit ‘Company Profile’ >> ‘Manage Profile’
  • Under ‘Business Profile’ tab, there is an ‘Add Logo’ option. Click on ‘Add’ and upload your company logo
  • Save the changes

Please note that the company logo should be in GIF, JPG, PNG or JPEG formats only.

What are statutory details?

Statutory details include your company details like GSTIN, CIN, TAN, PAN etc.

What is GSTIN?

  • GSTIN is your Goods & Services Tax Identification Number.
  • You can update your GSTIN on your seller dashboard or ‘Contact Profile’ section

What is the process to add GST?

You can easily add your GST using seller panel.

  • Log into (seller panel).
  • Visit ‘Company Profile’ >> ‘Manage Profile’
  • Under ‘Statutory Details’, update the GST and save the changes.

Your GST details will start reflecting within 48 hours after verification by IndiaMART.

Can I update my GST once it is verified by IndiaMART?

No, there is no provision to update GST on the seller panel once it is verified by IndiaMART.

Does IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. issue tax invoice? And will I be able to claim credit from the invoice?

Yes, IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. does issue tax invoice. If you have updated your GSTIN on your seller panel and it is reflecting on your invoice, then you can claim credit of the same.

What is the maximum file size allowed for business/visiting card?

The maximum size of business/visiting card is 1 MB.

What should be the resolution of the business/card?

Business/visiting card should have a maximum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixel.

After I upload my business card, within how much time will it get approved?

Once you upload your business card on the ‘Company Profile’ section of your seller panel, it will be approved within 48 hours, provided it meets the required guidelines.

How will I know whether my business card has been approved or rejected?

The status of your business card will change from ‘Waiting for Approval’ to either ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’, depending on whether it has been approved or rejected by IndiaMART. In case it is rejected, you can upload a new image of your business card, as per the required guidelines.

How can I add more pages to my catalog?

There are several informational links available on dashboard that allows you to add more pages on your catalog. You can easily add it by visiting ‘My Profile’ >> Testimonials / News/ Press Releases/ Job Openings.

More pages can be added by just making new categories in your product section.

What are the benefits of adding more pages to the website?

It increases the visibility of your pages and allows sharing more information with buyers, thereby, building trust among them. It reflects that your company is a professionally-managed organisation with a comprehensive website.

How many pages can I add?

There is no upper limit to the number of pages you can add to your catalog.

Is it mandatory to add pages?

No, it’s not mandatory.

Can IndiaMART add pages for me?

We recommend you to add pages to your catalog yourself, depending on your requirement. However, we are there to provide any support that you may need.

What is a job opening page?

It allows you to post job openings of your organisation on your catalog.

Can I use my website as a job portal as well?

No. You can post information of job openings of your organization only in this section.

What is the purpose of ‘Testimonials’ under ‘Company Profile’ section?

‘Testimonials’ section allows you to post buyer testimonials on your catalog. This helps build credibility and increase level of trust among prospective buyers. It helps build your brand among your target audience and promotes positive feedback of your products and services.

Can my clients post testimonials directly to my website?

No, you can source testimonials from your clients/customers and post them on your catalog.

What is the purpose of news/press release section on the seller panel?

This section allows you to post company news and press releases in your catalog. Using this, you can

  • Post interesting news about your company
  • Share your accomplishments and achievements
  • Increase the visibility of your websites
  • Share important and newsworthy information with your buyers
  • Create strong and positive image of your company

Is there an additional cost for adding new pages to the catalog/website?

No, there is no additional cost for this.

How do I change the details of bank account through which I have to make monthly payment to IndiaMART?

To get your bank account details updated, please contact us at 09696969696 or write to us at

How do I change my company name?

  • Log into
  • Visit Company Profile >> Manage Profile
  • Under ‘Business Profile’ tab, update the Company Name
  • Save the changes

The updated company name will reflect immediately.