Sync Email with Lead Manager

What is ‘Email Sync to Lead Manager’ feature?

This feature synchronizes all your buyer communication through email with the IndiaMART Lead Manager platform.

How are emails synced with IndiaMART portal?

This feature provides a unique email ID to every Enquiry/BuyLead email sent by IndiaMART to its premium users. This unique email ID is present in the tag of the Enquiry/BuyLead email (as shown below).

  • Any reply sent to this email id will be delivered to the buyer.
  • If the buyer replies on the same unique email, the reply will be delivered to you.
  • All these replies will also be synced and visible across your IndiaMART account on desktop as well as IndiaMART app.

If I reply to this email ID, will my buyer receive my reply?

Yes, your replies on this email ID will be delivered to the buyer.

How do I disable this feature?

Follow the steps given below to disable this feature.

  • Login to
  • Visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Privacy Settings’
  • Go to ‘Sync Email replies to Lead Manager’ section under Enquiries settings
  • Click on the checkbox to disable this feature

Once you disable this service, your replies via email will no longer be synced to your IndiaMART account.

Is it safe to reply to this email ID?

Yes, all your replies to buyers through this email ID are safe and secured. These are automatically sent to the buyer and are visible only on your IndiaMART account.

What are the advantages of this feature?

There are multiple benefits of syncing your email with IndiaMART Lead Manager.

  • View all your conversations at one place for efficient tracking
  • Get Notified when buyer reads your response through blue ticks
  • Convert leads faster into business with real-time information

Is there any additional cost for using this feature?

No, this service is absolutely free for all our customers.