Set Reminder

Regular follow-up with buyers increases your chance of converting leads into business. Lead Manager allows you to set reminder for your next follow-up with the buyer. You can set 3 types of reminders- Call, Meeting and To Do.

How do I set a reminder?

  • Open a contact in Lead Manager
  • Click on ‘Set Reminders’ icon
  • Set date and time
  • Choose the default text (as shown below) as a note to remind yourself. You can also edit the text as per requirement.
  • Click on ‘Set Reminder.

When will I receive a reminder notification?

You will receive an email, SMS and app notification 15 mins before the scheduled time.

How can I disable reminder notification?

Though we send you reminder notifications through all 3 channels- email, SMS and app, you can choose to receive notification only on one more of these channels. To disable notification from a particular channel, visit, under ‘Settings’, choose your preferred option for receiving notifications under ‘Follow-Up Reminder’ section.

Can I send reminder to buyer using the ‘Set Reminder’ feature on the panel?

No, ‘Set Reminder’ feature works like an alarm, i.e. it allows you to set reminder for yourself, so that you do not forget to follow up with your buyer.