Send Instant Reply

How do I send a reply to my saved contact?

  • Type your response in the reply box and click on ‘Send Reply’ button.
  • Along with your reply, you can also send any supporting document. Click on the ‘Attachment’ icon next to the reply box to include attachments.


How will my contact receive a reply?

Your contact will receive instant reply along with notification through email,SMS and IndiaMART app.

What type of files can I attach with my reply?

  • Formats supported by Lead Manager are images, PDF, DOC and Excel.
  • Maximum size of each document can be 5 MB.

How will I know if my reply has been read by the buyer?

A blue tick will appear below the message which the buyer has read.

How many files can I send to the buyer as attachments in one go?

You can send a maximum of 4 attachments in one go.

I want to check how many buyer messages have I not read yet?

Lead Manager on your seller panel displays the count of messages unread by you. This gives you an estimate of the number of potential buyers who are awaiting your response.