Saved Replies

What are ‘saved replies’?

Saved replies are your commonly-used replies which you can use in future as well. This saves you time and effort. It also enables faster communication with your buyers. You can save any frequently-used information as saved reply, such as your company details, logistic details, product range and USP, ‘Thank you’ message, etc.

Where do I see saved replies?

Click on ‘Saved Replies’ icon to view all your saved replies.

How many saved replies can I add?

By default, we provide 3 predefined saved replies on your panel- Catalog Link, Last Reply, Payment Link. In addition to this, you can create up to 25 predefined saved replies.

How can I send a saved reply?
  • Choose and click on the saved reply that you want to send (as shown below).¬†Selected saved reply will be displayed in the reply box.
  • Click on send reply icon.

How to create a saved reply?
  • Click on ‘Saved Reply’ icon
  • Select ‘+’¬†icon
  • Add ‘Title’ and ‘Description’
  • Click on ‘Create Quick Reply’ button.

What is the purpose of ‘Last Reply’ template?

If you wish to send the same message in response to buyer enquiry, which you used to communicate with the previous buyer, you can use ‘Last Reply’ template and save time and effort.

How do I delete a saved reply?

  • Log into
  • Visit ‘Lead Manager’
  • Open any conversation/ chat and click on ‘Saved Replies’ icon
  • From the list of saved replies, hover over the reply you wish to delete
  • Click on ‘delete’ icon

The saved reply will be deleted for all conversations.