Add Labels

Label is a powerful tool to segment your contacts under relevant categories. It’s a tag that can be added to any contact present in your contact list. They can be used to keep your contact list organized.

How many labels can be created?

  • By default we have provided 4 predefined labels as- Important, Contacted, Follow-up, Deal-done.
  • In addition to these, you can create up to 21 labels, as per your requirement.

How do I create a label?

  • Open the contact details which you wish to tag under a label
  • Click on ‘Add Label’ icon
  • Click on ‘+Create New Label’
  • Enter label name as per your requirement
  • Click on ‘Create’

Please note that label will be auto-assigned if it is created from contact detail side.

How do I assign a label?

  • Click on ‘Add Label’ option in the conversation window of any of your contacts
  • Choose the label you want to tag the contact to
  • Click on ‘Apply’.
  • Maximum of 10 labels can be assigned to any contact

The assigned label will be visible on contact list as well as contact detail side as shown below:

How do I edit a label?

  • Click on the funnel icon
  • Hover on any label and you will see edit/delete option.

Please note that predefined labels cannot be renamed or deleted.

How do I view my labelled contacts?

  • Click on the funnel icon
  • Select the label for which you wish to see the filtered view of contacts

Why do some of my contacts show under the ‘Follow-up’ label automatically?

The contacts for which you set follow-up reminders are automatically labelled under ‘Follow-up’ by Lead Manager. When you apply filter on ‘Follow-up’ label, you will be able to view all the contacts whom you have to follow up with.

When does a contact get automatically labelled as ‘Contacted’ in Lead Manager?

Any contact gets tagged to ‘Contacted’ label automatically when:

  • Replies and quotations are sent (from ‘Enquiries’ or ‘Lead Manager’ section in seller panel)
  • Reply is sent from BuyLead purchase pop-up