Instant Communication with Buyers

Lead Manager on your seller panel is designed to organize, manage and track all your leads in the most efficient way and convert them into business. It helps you view your conversations with buyers across all platforms (desktop, mobile site, app and emails) at one place.

What are the features available on Lead Manager?

IndiaMART Lead Manager is power-packed with these features.

  • Search Your Contact
  • Send Instant Reply
  • Saved Replies
  • Create Quotation
  • Reminder
  • Notes
  • Labels
  • Add Contact
  • Email Syncing

How can I search for a contact in Lead Manager?

You can search for a contact by its name, city, company name and mobile number. To search for a contact, as you start typing the name, city, etc., you will see relevant search results as shown below.



In what format will the smart quotation be generated?

Quotation is generated in a professional PDF format. You can share this with your buyer with relevant product specifications.

I have sent the quotation to buyer, but the buyer says he has not received it. Where should I check?

If you have sent the quotation to buyer through seller panel, it will be reflected in the ‘Lead Manager’ section in your conversation history with the buyer. We recommend you to check for blue ticks on any message (or sent quotation), which indicate that the buyer has viewed the quotation. You can also view here, the date and time when the buyer read your message.

Additionally, buyer receives the quotation from email ID- and not the seller’s email ID. Hence, you must contact the buyer and suggest him to search by the abovementioned email ID.

What should I do to get a quick response from buyer?

To get quick response from buyers, you must:

  • Provide complete information about your product on your catalog, including but not limited to, product price, description, high-resolution image, contact details.
  • Reply to buyer enquiries instantly
  • Send message and quotation to buyers using your IndiaMART seller panel

How do I keep track of the buyer messages which I have not read yet?

Using ‘Unread’ icon above the contact list, you can view the list of your unread messages in one go. Once you have selected the ‘Unread’ option, you can also search messages only from among the unread ones, with buyer number, mobile number, company name and location. It prevents all the unnecessary scrolling for checking the unread messages.