Communicate with Buyers through Seller Panel

What are the channels of communication available on seller panel to connect with buyers?

IndiaMART seller panel allows you to connect with your buyers in multiple ways such as:

  • Message buyers
  • Reply to enquiries
  • Send quotation to buyers
  • Email

How can I send instant message to buyer using the seller panel?

Under the ‘Message’ section of your seller panel, all your buyer contacts are listed. You can initiate instant chat with the buyer using this feature. ‘Message’ section also gives you the provision to:

  • add contacts
  • set reminder for follow-up with the buyer
  • send quotation to the buyer
  • send attachments in chat
  • add notes for reference
  • edit contact details

All your past conversations with the buyers are saved here.

Can I send reminder to buyer using the ‘Set Reminder’ feature on the panel?

No, ‘Set Reminder’ feature works like an alarm, i.e. it allows you to set reminder for yourself, so that you do not forget to follow up with your buyer.

How will I be reminded of my follow-up appointment with the buyer?

Once you set the reminder for follow-up, you will be notified 15 minutes before the appointment through three channels- email, SMS and app notification.

How many files can I send to the buyer as attachments in one go?

You can send a maximum of 4 attachments in one go.

How will I know if the buyer will see my message?

On the top-right of the message window, buyer’s last activity time is displayed. This helps you get an estimate of how active the buyer is on the portal and when is he/she likely to see your message.

In what format will the smart quotation be generated?

Quotation is generated in a professional PDF format. You can share this with your buyer with relevant product specifications.

What all details are available for the added contacts of my contact book?

Under ‘Message’ section, you will be able to view the name, company name, city, mobile number and requirement brief for all your contacts.