About BuyLead

What is a BuyLead?

BuyLead is the purchase requirement sent by prospective buyers for products and services, which is filtered by IndiaMART and shared with the suppliers dealing in those products/services.

  • The BuyLead alerts are sent to relevant suppliers via email, SMS and app notification
  • Suppliers then consume the relevant BuyLeads 

By consuming a BuyLead, supplier gets access to buyer’s contact details.

How is a buylead different from direct enquiry?

Buylead is posted as a buy requirement by the buyer on IndiaMART platform. It is then filtered by IndiaMART and shared with the relevant sellers. Direct enquiry is posted by the buyer on seller’s catalog if the buyer finds required product in his/her catalog.

What are the benefits of BuyLeads?

  • Suppliers get instant access to new buyers
  • Details of BuyLeads (i.e. buyer requirement) is visible to suppliers even before consuming it. Hence, suppliers have the choice of consuming BuyLeads only if they find it useful.
  • Suppliers get instant notification of most recent and relevant BuyLeads through multiple channels (email, SMS and app notification)
  • Helps supplier in reducing the dependency on existing buyers, thereby, giving suppliers opportunity for expanding their business.


How do I get notification for the most recent BuyLeads for my products?

To receive instant notifications for the most recent BuyLeads through email, SMS and app notification, visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Privacy Settings’. Under ‘BuyLead Alerts’, check the email, SMS and app notification check boxes.

Why do I receive multiple notifications of the same BuyLead?

To ensure that you do not miss any business opportunity through BuyLeads, we send you BuyLead notification through multiple channels such as emails, SMS, app notification (provided you have enabled BuyLead alerts through these channels). Latest BuyLeads are also displayed prominently on your seller panel.

Additionally, if the buyer’s requirement is not fulfilled, then we send out the same BuyLead to relevant sellers multiple times, so that they connect with the buyer without delay and close the deal.

Where can I check the most recent BuyLeads on the seller panel?

If you wish to proactively check recent BuyLeads on the seller panel, visit ‘BuyLeads’ >> ‘Recent Leads’ tab. Here, you will see the list of all BuyLeads with the most recent ones on top. You will also see here your recent searches and suggested cities from where you should consume BuyLeads, based on your history of BuyLeads consumption.

Where can I check BuyLeads most relevant to my business?

Under ‘BuyLeads’ >> ‘Relevant Leads’, you can view all your BuyLeads with the most relevant on top. The most relevant BuyLeads are determined by IndiaMART based on factors such as your history of BuyLeads usage, categories to which your products are mapped, your selected location preference, etc.

What is CRM key under ‘Privacy Settings’?

Through CRM key, we give you the provision to integrate your enquiries data with another CRM software that you might be using for managing your business. You can follow the steps given in the instruction manual on your seller panel, to generate and use CRM key for your enquiries management. To access the instruction manual, visit ‘Settings’ >> ‘Privacy Settings’ >> ‘Enquiries’ >> ‘CRM Key’ >> ‘Steps of Integration’.

Where do I check the details of all my used BuyLeads?

You can check the list of used as well as lapsed BuyLeads according to date on your seller panel under ‘BuyLeads’ >> ‘Transaction History’.

How do I check my available BuyLeads balance?

You can check your BuyLeads balance on the seller dashboard as well as under the ‘BuyLeads’ section of your seller panel. Under ‘BuyLeads’ >> ‘Transaction History’, you will see ‘Available Credits’ on the top-right.

How can I track the performance of my business on IndiaMART?

Your IndiaMART seller panel is a comprehensive platform for you to track and manage your business efficiently. To this end, there are concise reports available which give you an overview of your enquiries, BuyLeads and buyer calls through IndiaMART. You can visit the ‘Reports’ section on your seller panel to access these reports such as:

  • Enquiry statistics report
  • Product-wise enquiry report
  • Location-wise enquiry report
  • Sales funnel (new enquiries/leads/calls, contacted, quotation sent, negotiated, etc.)
  • Reply tracking report
  • Upcoming reminder report

How do I search for buyers from a specific city or state?

To search for buyers/ buylead from a particular city or state, use BuyLead filter on your seller panel/app. Using this, you can select buyleads from any city, state, only foreign leads or all-India leads.