• Product Updates

    • Indiamart Buyer Panel
      • New Widget implementation in Identified Mode on Buyer Home Page
        IndiaMART is always thinking about the experience that the buyers on the platform have. In order to improve the experience of the buyer on the IndiaMART platform, we have now introduced a new widget that is available on the home page of the buyer (accessible by the link: my.indiamart.com). The […]
      • Now Experience IndiaMART in Hindi
        With the focus for helping millions of businesses in India, we keep inventing and introducing features that would help business grow exponentially. Keeping our motive intact, we have started giving user an option of viewing and consuming company pages (m-site) in Hindi. Why have we done this? Internet is now […]
      • Now you can provide your requirement through chat
        What would you prefer? An interactive, chat-like experience while posting your buy requirement on IndiaMART? OR,Cold, boring web forms to post your buy requirement on IndiaMART? Well, in this age of social media and instant messaging, when people love to have conversations more than ever, we thought that the buyers […]
      • Talk to IndiaMART Search in Hindi, Gujarati and many more languages
        We are glad to inform you that we have improved the search exponentially and are now allowing the user to search in different languages. Background With our constant innovations, which are majorly focused on delivering customer satisfaction, our sellers were overwhelmed to witness the number of leads they were receiving […]
    • Indiamart Help
      • Experience New face of Indiamart Customer Support
        With the company’s mission ‘to make doing business easy’, we are taking one step forward by providing a one-stop solution for all the customer queries with an automated customer service executive “IM Customer Support Assistant”. Please visit Help site to begin the new journey of customer service. We understood the need for an Interactive […]
    • Indiamart Mobile App
      • Managing your lead becomes easier | Android Launch | App version 12.4.7
        IndiaMART InterMESH Limited is an Indian e-commerce company. It provides B2B services through its web portal as well as the app. In the year 1996, Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agrawal established the website for IndiaMART, to be used as a business-to-business portal to help Indian manufacturers connect with their prospective […]
    • Lead Management System
      • Now Language is no more a Problem for Business
        હવે ભાષા માટે વ્યવસાયમાં કોઈ સમસ્યા નથી.  Agora oferecemos suporte a "vários idiomas" English Translation Language is no more a problem for business. We now support “Multiple Languages“. Background IndiaMART is helping millions of SMEs to expand their business exponentially. Our sellers presently are overwhelmed with the number of leads […]
      • Indiamart Quotations now carry more information
        We are absolutely delighted to inform you that we have gone a step ahead to level up the Quotation feature. Basis the feedback we have received from our sellers, we have included features that will make the quotation process easy and seamless like never before. Read below and know about […]
    • Pay with Indiamart
      • Modification in UX of UPI on Payments section Pay with IndiaMART
        IndiaMART is always concerned about the experience that the users are having with the design of the features in the IndiaMART platform. Payments are the most important part of the business, and good user experience is very important while making payments. UPI (United Payments Interface) is one of the most […]
      • Pay on Indiamart using UPI
        We have launched the new payment options of UPI APP (Unified Payment Interface) on Pay.IM. While we were using a lot of payments options i.e Credit/Debit/NetBanking etc., this is the first time we have added this new payment option, that is to pay via UPI App payments including BHIM UPI, […]
    • Indiamart Seller Panel
      • Display of Negative Countries on the seller and the option with the user to delete the preferred and negative locations
        IndiaMART is always finding new ways to help the business of sellers go smoothly and more effectively. One of the features that is present is the classification of preferred locations as positive and negative. IndiaMART has updated the design of the seller page to display the negative countries on the […]
      • Reminder page & Filter enhancement on Lead Manager
        In order to be an effective place for business, IndiaMART had implemented a reminder feature. Now, IndiaMART has done extensive research about the same to understand how the users of IndiaMART are using this feature and identified what can be done to improve this particular feature to increase business on […]
      • Simplified the new Seller Journey from Seller.Indiamart.com
        IndiaMART is always looking for ways to serve new users. In order to do this effectively, we have identified the new user creation process and have modified it so that it is much more easier to create a new user from the seller. This will help in the process of […]
      • Enhancements in Enquiries Sub-Menu Items UI
        IndiaMART always tries to keep up to date with the latest industrial standards. By this policy, it was noticed that there was some clutter in the seller portal left navigation. To correct this problem, a series of enhancements have been made to the user interface of the seller portal of […]
      • Brief about us section created on the company homepage (m-site)
        There were some companies on the IndiaMART website that did not have an ‘about us’ section. The about us section is important as it helps potential customers learn about the company that they are going to buy from. The users of the platform were missing out on some crucial information […]
      • Seller BL | Tender search page on Seller
        There are many users on the IndiaMART platform that use the tenders’ option. Tenders are an important part of the business for many sellers and buyers. In order to make the experience of the active users of tenders, IndiaMART has decided to make some updates that will help these users […]
      • Revamped Product Add/Edit Journey on Seller Desktop
        IndiaMART is always finding new ways to make life easier for sellers and buyers who use the IndiaMART platform. In order to do this, IndiaMART has evaluated the current journey for adding or editing products. In the research for the same, we have identified that in order to make the […]
      • Enhancements in Lead Manager
        The lead manager is an important feature of the IndiaMART website. This article will discuss some of the upgrades that have been made in the desktop version of the lead manager. What are some of the updates to the Lead Manager (Desktop)? 1)Green tick in the contact detail section for […]
      • Revamped Payment Page on ‘my.indiamart.com’
        Buyers are as important as sellers on the IndiaMART platform. IndiaMART has upgraded the payment page on the ‘my.indiamart.com’ by the latest design standards and features. The main objective of this change s to improve the overall user experience on the IndiaMART platform. What were the issues in the old […]
      • New ‘Add GST’ Widget on Desktop Seller Dashboard
        IndiaMART has made some changes to its platform that now allows you to add your GST registration number directly from your seller dashboard in the desktop version of the IndiaMART website. This article will discuss the incorporation of the new “Add GST” widget in the desktop seller dashboard. What were […]
      • Know your Weekly Limit for Accepting Credit Card Payments
        IndaMART has a feature of accepting payments from customers via credit cards. In this article, we will discuss some of the key changes that have been made to the “Seller invoice page” in the desktop version for the PWIM sellers. What was the previous system? What were the problems associated […]
      • Knowing your BuyLead Balance is now easier
        We are happy to announce that the BuyLead balance shown on seller BuyLead pages have become more transparent and is now displaying additional information. Earlier we had solved a major pressing issue of the user by making the BuyLead balance prominent on the Seller Panel BuyLead pages. The balance shown […]
      • Now login to Seller.IM via “OTP on Email”
        With the focus for helping millions of businesses in India, we keep inventing and introducing features that would help business grow. Keeping our motive intact, we’ve started to provide a new option to login on Seller.IM via “OTP on Email”. Purpose of the Change We have received lots of queries […]