1. What standards should be followed while uploading the images?
  2. What kind of images should be uploaded?
  3. What is the most effective way to write product title?
  4. What must be considered while adding product description?
What standards should be followed while uploading the images?

Images are required for every product on IndiaMART. Images appear on search and browsing pages so it is important to add clear and attractive product images. Images are the representation of your products for the buyers, they must clearly represent the products and their quality.

Image Standards and Guidelines:

  • Images must represent the products and show only the product
  • Images should be of 500×500 size or larger and should not be stretched
  • Images should be in JPEG format
  • The product must cover at least 60-70% of the entire image area
  • Images should not have additional objects or a mix of different products
  • Images should not have running text/watermark/logo/prices/product offers or any additional information
  • Images must not have any kind of time stamps
  • Images should not contain drawings and illustrations of the product
  • Images clicked from different angles should be considered as separate images, must not be part of one image
  • The product must be at the center of the image
  • Each image in the catalog should be unique
  • Recommendation: Use white background
  • Recommendation: Use models in lifestyle product categories such as Apparel; Jewelry etc. however these must not be lewd, indecent, sexually explicit, or obscene.


What kind of images should be uploaded?

Image Standards Examples:












What is the effective way to write product title?

Product Title and Description Guidelines:

Product Title and description provide information to buyer about the product. A well-defined description increases the chances that the buyers will find your product relevant, enquires about it and may buy it.

Product Title:

Product Title is very important as the buyer searches for product names and then the relevant suppliers.
Some points to consider when writing an effective product title:


  • The product title must be under 70 characters including the spaces
  • Unique and searchable product names
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word
  • Include item specifications such as size, color, condition, article number, brand name etc.
  • Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five)
  • Use Correct spellings and grammar
  • Use seller name as brand name only if your product is a private label
  • Use standard molecular formula, if need be. For Example: Fe used for Iron (not fe or FE); Al used for Aluminum(al or AL)

Some points to avoid when writing a Product Title:


  • Do not use price and quantity in product title
  • Do not use same name products in a catalog
  • Do not include any company specific or seller specific information
  • Do not use all capital letters
  • Do not include any promotional message such as Discounted, Sale etc. in Product Title
  • Do not include subjective/adjectives words in product title, such as Beautiful Dress, Best Selling Suit, Wow etc.
  • Do not use words that are banned or are illegal
  • Do not use conjunctions (and/or) and articles(a/an/the)in the product title
  • Do not use any adult products/keywords


What must be considered while adding product description?

A product description gives an opportunity to inform the buyer about the product in advance. Use correct spelling, grammar, and specifications about the product.

Some points to consider while writing product description:

  • Add unique description for each product
  • Avoid company related information in product description
  • Do not include email address, phone numbers, address in product description
  • Do not include information about additional products in one product description
  • Use bullet points or text in separate lines to describe specifications about your product
  • Use numerals (5 instead of five; Pack of 5 instead of Pack of Five)
  • Do not use all capitals and all small letters. Only initials must be in capitals
  • Use abbreviations in capital
  • Do not add lengthy or verbose description about the products
  • Do not include trademarks, logos, unless you have the permission to use them
  • Do not use copied product information from other sources

Please note: IndiaMART reserves the right to remove images, change content that are not meeting the image and content standards and guidelines.