1. What is my.indiamart.com?
      2. What is factsheet?
      3. How can i add more pages on my website?
      4. What is Franchise Enquiry Form?
What is my.indiamart.com?

It is a personalized dashboard for our members that allows them to update / edit business and product / service information.

How can I access my.indiamart.com?

You can access it by using your username.

What is my username?

To access your catalog or administer any changes, you would have to login with a unique username and provide a password. This will be sent to your primary email address.

Do I need to register to access?

No, you are already registered.

Is there extra charge to use this service?


Can I access it anytime, anywhere?

Yes you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Can I access it on a mobile phone?


How can I get the Username / Password?

We would have already provided you a username and password at the start of your service. You can also take the following steps –

  • Visit my.indiamart.com
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’.
  • Fill in your registered email id and press submit.
  • A mail would be sent directly to the registered email address.
  • Check your mailbox, you would have received an email from IndiaMART with the details.

Alternatively, we can also send these details by SMS.


What is factsheet?

Factsheet provides the details of your Business; Company Name, Company Website, Product Profile, Business Type, Level of Operation, Product / Services you sell or buy, Statutory Profile etc.

Why do I need to update the factsheet?

It helps to build higher trust level amongst your buyers.

How do I access factsheet?

You can access factsheet by logging into my.indiamart.com using your username and password. Under the link of My Profile > Business Information>Factsheet.

Can I fill the details anytime, anywhere?

Yes, you can do it as per your convenience.

Can I change and update the info provided in the factsheet?

Yes you can do it.

What is the information required to complete the factsheet?

Required information is; Company Name, Company Website, Product Profile, Business Type, Level of Operation, Products / Services you sell or buy, etc.

Do I have to submit any documentation to validate the factsheet?


Is it mandatory?

No, however, it is highly recommend.

Where will this factsheet info be displayed?

It would be displayed in your catalog.

Do you share the factsheet info with anyone else?

No, it is visible only in your catalog.


How can i add more pages on my website?

There are several informational links available in my.indiamart.com dashboard that allows you to add more pages on your catalog. You can always add it by clicking on My Profile >> Testimonials / News/ Press Releases/ Job Openings.

More pages can be added by just making new categories in your product section.

What kind of information can I add?

You can add:

    • Press releases / News
    • Job Openings
    • Testimonials
    • Franchise Enquiry Form etc.

What are the benefits of adding more pages?

It increases the visibility of your pages and similarly, allows sharing more information with buyers and build trust amongst them. It reflects that your company is a professionally managed organisation.

How many pages can I add?

You can add unlimited pages in your catalog.

Is it mandatory to add pages?


Do I have to pay anything extra to add these pages?

No, it is an add-on with your services package.

Can IndiaMART add pages for me?

We suggest you perform this activity yourself; however, we are always there to assist you.

Can I post news and press releases about my company on my website?


What is a press release page?

It allows you to post news and press releases about your company in your catalog.

What is a job-opening page?

It allows you to post job openings of your organisation in your catalog.

Can I use my website as a job portal as well?

No. However you can post information of job openings in your organization.

Do you provide us with candidates for job openings?


What is a testimonial page?

It allows you to post your buyer’s testimonial in your catalog. It also helps your prospective buyers to trust you about your product and services.

Can I post testimonials on my website?

Yes. Simply login to my.indiamart.com using your username and password. Under the link of My Profile> Testimonials.

Can my clients post testimonials directly to my website?


What are the benefits of putting testimonials on  the website?

It helps in building trust amongst other buyers.

Do you charge anything extra for adding new pages?



What is a Franchise Enquiry Form?

Franchise Enquire form is a requisition form that facilitates you to get distributors, dealers, franchise, associate, wholesaler, vendor, etc for your business. This helps you grab business opportunities at any preferred location for your products & services.

How can I get this form?

Simply give us your consent and we will place it on your website.

Do I have to pay any extra charges for Franchise Enquiry Form?


Do you add Franchise Enquiry Form for me?


What type of information is required to get Franchise Enquiry form?

Specific information from your consent..

Do we require signing any agreement to avail this service?

No, no agreement at all, you can just opt any of these 2 options and tell us to add this form in your catalog.

        • By E-mail
        • By Direct calling to our Mobile No. 09696969696.

Does IndiaMART take the responsibility of the Franchise/ Distributor authenticity?

No, we are not responsible for any kind of authenticity regarding the Franchise / Distributor enquiry. Franchise enquiry comes like any other regular enquiry.

Does IndiaMART provide me with a database of prospects for Franchise/ Distributor?

Does IndiaMART charge any commission for providing me any Franchise / Distributor through this service?

No, this is a complimentary service for IndiaMART members.

Does IndiaMART support me to formalize legal terms & conditions in appointing someone as my Franchise / Distributor?

No, IndiaMART just provides you a platform for getting franchise, distributors, agents, retailers, wholesalers & vendors.