Why migrate to IndiaMART’s Lead Manager CRM API Version 2?

LMS CRM API  is a service that provides details of the business leads received through the IndiaMART portal in a JSON format, which is suitable for pulling this data into a software of the client’s choice (external CRM). This service allows users to fetch the details of Buyleads, PNS calls, and Direct Enquiries (webleads) to any external CRM using a GET request. 

Why shift to CRM API Version 2?

The CRM API Version 2 is an upgraded version of the  CRM API with changes being done to overcome the limitations of CRM API version 1.

The keys for both versions are different and will work only with the designated API URLs for each version. 

The API key for Version 2 can be generated from the Lead Manager or by visiting the link given below to directly go to the Key generation screen. (https://seller.indiamart.com/leadmanager/crmapi)

Advantages of Version 2:

  • Status Codes for errors: In this version, different status codes are sent for different errors depending on the success and failure of the requests. These codes are helpful for efficient error handling and ensuring no leads are missed.

For more information on this, please check the Error Message section of the CRM API help document given below.

  • More Secured: The new version of the CRM API comes with a more advanced and secure encryption technique for the key generation which will further improve the security of users’ data. The secret key is unique for every user and should not be shared with anyone. 
  • Improved response time: This API version is faster as compared to the previous version. The average response time of the new API is between 40 to 80 ms.
  • Standardized and optimized output: The JSON output in the version 2 API follows a standardized format with the main response structure returning the following 5 keys: “CODE”, “STATUS”, “MESSAGE”, “TOTAL_RECORDS”, “RESPONSE”. Now only the relevant details for the leads are given in the output. 
  • Availability of API Hit logs: You can now view the detailed API hit logs of all the requests made in the last 15 days. These logs contain the details of the API hit time, parameters passed in the API request,  count of leads returned for the API request, and error messages, if any. This is helpful in analyzing the number of leads returned and identifying discrepancies, if any, in integration.

To integrate the Version 2 of the CRM API with your third party CRM please follow the steps from the help document:

CRM API Key Generation Screen: To generate and view the API keys for version 1 and version 2 API –

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