Why Indiamart asks for your phone number?

With the help of your mobile number, IndiaMART verifies your credentials and requirement. This is required so that IndiaMART can assure that both the suppliers and the buyers are verified in their respective categories. Users will also be able to login to the IndiaMART platform using their mobile number.

Additionally, sellers can easily connect with buyers on the mobile number to fulfill your product requirement at the earliest.

In case the account is registered with your mobile number and you do not have your mobile number with you anymore, you can login by requesting OTP on your email ID.

To know how to update primary mobile number, click here and for alternate number, click here.

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    1. indiamart

      Dear Keshav,

      Thank you for reaching us. Please follow the steps mentioned in the article to change the mobile number.


  1. Shiv

    Plz shared the same number supplies.i have a dead phone i want to sell them…. plz call this number 8700002591

    1. indiamart

      Dear Shiv,

      Buyers will directly contact you if they want product that you are selling.
      Be responsive and connect with them swiftly.