What steps to follow after consuming Tenders?

After consuming a tender, there are 4 main steps you need to follow –

  1. View/Download Tender Publication Document
  2. Read and understand tender details
  3. Locate Tender on the source website
  4. Follow instructions on the source website

1. View/Download Tender Publication Document

Once you consume a tender a pop window appears on which you can download/view the tender in PDF/HTML. An email is also sent to the registered primary email address with all these details.

Tender details can be viewed on the Seller Panel under Consumed Leads.

Visit : BuyLeads > Consumed Leads> Tenders 


For more information – How can I track the tenders I had consumed previously?

FAQ: Are details of Tender consumed/consumed shown on Lead Manager?
Ans: We do not show the Tender details on Lead Manger.

2. Read tender details

It is important to take your time to read through all the tender documents.

FAQ: I am unable to find the contact information on Tender

Ans: Scan all the tender documents for any contact details or help line number. If you are still unable to find any then please note that – 

Tenders are published by external bodies and it’s not mandatory for them to provide contact details directly in the tender notice. Sometimes they choose not to put contact details or the details are redacted. 

You can contact the helpline numbers of the tender source portal in case of further queries. The steps to locate the correct source website is mentioned in the next step.

3. Locate Tender on Source Website

Most of the Tenders on IndiaMart are e-Tenders i.e. sellers have to bid on the source website (online bidding).

And hence, the website link or name is mentioned on the tender document (html/pdf) that we provide.

FAQ: I am unable to find the source website

Ans : Sometimes the website might not be visible as a link either due to scanned copies or written in text format (example – ireps[dot]gov[dot]in). Make sure that you are typing the correct web address in your browser.

If at all no government website is mentioned, simply search on google with “Authority Name tender” & you will get the proper website.

FAQ: I am is unable to find the tender on government website

Ans: First check if the tender last date (& time) has already passed. Because many of the websites will remove the details of Tenders when the deadline is over. If the tender is still active –

To locate the tender on source website users must search using the Tender Number/ Reference Number/Bid Number/ Tender ID (based on whichever is written in the document).

Few examples are shown below –

Example 1:

Example 2:

4.  Follow instructions on Government Website

Most of the Tenders on IndiaMart are e-Tenders i.e. sellers have to bid on the source website.

FAQ: How can I Bid on the Tenders thet I have consumed?

Ans: Users need to be register on the particular website from which the tender is from & follow the instructions written on the website & in the Tender document to bid successfully.

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