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IndarMART is the largest in providing free online business DIR that enlists a total of 20 lakhs national and international companies or businesses. DIR stands for directory and implies Business Directory. A Business Directory is listing on the website of information in which different categories of businesses are listed. These businesses are categorized on the bases of location, size, niche, and activity. Indiamart incorporated an excellent and efficient new feature searching for the right product and seller. You can get help in each step of the buying and selling process from our support team or system. IndiaMart ensures that the security of the process by providing only the verified suppliers and providing a secure payment portal know as Pay With IndiaMart or PWIM.

How was the system earlier?

  • Earlier, the Verified Supplier icon visible on the website was not clickable like the TrustSEAL Verified Icon (It is the indiamart supplier’s paid add-on subscription and certification of a genuine and trusted supplier).
  • This problem raised serious concern among the users and making them doubt the reliability of the directory and the supplier’s verification. 


  • The main objective behind the incorporation of the verified seller pop-up on DIR is to connect buyers directly to sellers in a safe and friendly environment. And make the process simple, comfortable, and secure
  • Using DIR users will save much time in searching for suppliers
  • Make it easy for the suppliers to add your business in the Indiamart business DIR and get verified supplier icons to sell your product online

How is the system now?

  • The above issue of reliability and supplier verification is resolved with the verified seller popup on the DIR feature
  • Now the Verified Supplier Icon is clickable and the user can click on Verified Supplier Icon and get the result as display pop-up which contains the information about the supplier. This pop-up information consists of Mobile number, location, address, and other necessary information
  • These changes create to synchronization in the behavior of Verified Supplier Icon and TrustSeal Icon
  • This directory connects you to the verified suppliers and gets a response directly from the verified suppliers
  • This also gives you the option to compare quotes from the entire products you find from listed verified suppliers

Here is the practical depiction of the recent changes which are described above:

  • The Verified highlighted suppliers icon becomes clickable now, and after clicking on the Verified Supplier Icon, the pop-up will be displayed on the screen which contains necessary information about the related supplier. Such as in below image:
  • The pop-up contains information like Address, location, mobile number, director proprietor, and other relevant information.

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