Can free suppliers be TrustSEAL verified?

No. Only paid suppliers of IndiaMART can be TrustSEAL verified.

TrustSEAL verification comes for free with the Maximiser and higher paid services of IndiaMART. Click to know more about the Paid services of IndiaMART.

TrustSEAL verification comes with a price.

Click on Pay Now to buy the Service.

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  1. Anthony

    how can I tell if your supplies from indiamart are genuine company’s and will not run off with my moneys or you don’t care

    1. indiamart

      Dear Anthony,

      If the supplier has any of the verification symbols like Verified Exporter/Verified Supplier/TrustSeal Verified/Star Supplier/Leading Supplier/Industry Leader, that means that they are completely verified by IndiaMART and can be trusted.

      Please go through this how these symbols look like.