How do I update my bank account details?

You can add your Bank details in 5 simple steps*:

  1. ​​​​Login to
  2. Click on “’Collect Payments” Option
  3. Choose”​Update​ Bank Details​”​
  4. Update your KYC details
  5. Click on ‘Confirm’ Option

*KYC details once updated cannot be changed from your end.

You may raise your request for changing the bank account details by following the below steps :

  • ​​Login to
  • Click on “Collect Payments’ Option” 
  • Choose”​Update​ Bank Details​”​
  • Update your KYC details
  • Click on “Update KYC”
  • Pop up window will open add your respective bank account details & attach cancelled cheque image ​
  • Click on “Confirm” option

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