Tutorials & Helplines of some Tender source website

In this article we have listed some of the tutorials & helpline numbers of some of the common source websites for Tenders.

1. GEM (Government e Marketplace)

Learn more about GEM – https://lms.gem.gov.in/

For bidding on GEM tenders users have to register on GEM portal.

Registration link – https://mkp.gem.gov.in/registration/signup#!/seller

Check the prerequisite of bidding on GEM –


GEM portal also has training series present on their website – https://gem.gov.in/trainingMaterial. Users should view the training modules here to understand more about the GEM Tenders. Especially the modules for sellers –

  • Seller Registration Module
  • Seller Product Module
  • Seller Process Module
  • User Friendly Demo Portal – Tips and Tricks (Seller)

The training series is also available on youtube.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4ZsHw6qvf4&list=PLsV56B8jjgAJJxM7di-csCotIpNT_TrIX

For quick FAQs  – https://gem.gov.in/userFaqs/seller

For more support – https://gem.gov.in/support/sellers/?lang=english

2. IREPS (Indian Railways E-Procurement. System)

Learn more about India Railway’s portal please check out the learning center – 


For bidding on IREPS tenders users have to register on IREPS portal.- https://www.ireps.gov.in/epsn/jsp/vendorReg/vendorRegistartionProcess.jsp

If you are facing any issue in using IREPS portal you should check system setting required for using the portal properly – https://www.ireps.gov.in/ireps/upload/resources/Getting_Your_System_Ready_for_IREPS_Application_Version_2.0.pdf

Also check out the FAQs

For more support –https://www.ireps.gov.in/html/helpdesk/helpdesk.html

3. EPROC (E-Procurement Portal)

For bidding on tenders from ERPOC users have to register on the portal.- 


Before registering you might want to check out help articles explaining the process – https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app?page=BiddersManualKit&service=page

For other FAQs check –


For a hassle free bid submission EPROC also has some help –

For more support – https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app?page=FrontEndContactUs&service=page

Disclaimer: Links provided are external to IndiaMART and we will attempt to keep them updated as they change over time, but hold no responsibility in case this update does not happen and the sellers must do their due diligence themselves when using these external sources.

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