Star Service

Promote Your Brand in Your Preferred Cities and Categories

  • Premium Listing in 20 Cities & Categories
  • Star Supplier Label on Your Listing
  • Daily New Buyers through BuyLeads, Buyer Calls and Direct Enquiries
  • Complimentary TrustSEAL Certificate
  • Flexibility to Change City-Category Combination

Plans For You

  • Priority Listing
  • Cost per Lead
  • Price Hike Protection
  • Cost Savings
  •                   STAR
                    1 YEAR
  • Rs. 90,000 *
  • Rs. 24
  • 1 year
    Save Upto 20%
  •                   STAR
                    3 YEAR
  • Rs. 2,16,000 *
  • Rs. 20
  • 3 years
  • Rs. 54,000
Brand Promotion
Promotion of your target product in your preferred Category + City pages on IndiaMART
Priority Listing
Priority listing in the selected category city pages
Weekly + Daily New Buyers
Target new buyers with 50 Weekly + 3 Daily Bonus BuyLeads under IndiaMART Advantage Program
Customised Combinations
Flexibility to select and change category-city combinations
Increased Credibility
Increased credibility with TrustSEAL certificate and logo
Star Supplier Label
“Star Supplier” label alongside the listing to boost buyer trust


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    1. indiamart

      Dear Pradeep,

      We regret for your unpleasant experience. We would like to keep you onboarded with us.
      Please email us your concerns at or call us at 9696969696.


  1. ShowkatMohammad

    I want to buy product from one seller. But he wants to pay direct in his bank account not through India mart should I pay or not?

    1. indiamart

      Dear Customer,

      We would recommend you to make any transactions through Pay With Indiamart.
      In case of a fraudulent activity, we would be able to assist you.


  2. Shankar

    Dear sir i want to register my company products on indiamart. Please tell me processor

    1. indiamart

      Hello Shankar,

      Our team had a discussion with you regarding your queries. Hope all your queries got answered.
      Please let us know if you need any other help.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Manu,

      We have noted your request. Our team will contact you soon to discuss further.

  3. Pushpendra

    महोदय प्रति सप्ताह हमें 50 bi lead star package mein Di Jaati Hai aaj hamare pass Keval 7 bi lead Hai यह किस कारण से कम हो गई है कृपया स्पष्ट करें

    Sir every week we have received 50 buy leads but today in this week I have shown only six buy leads I want to know about reason to reduce buy leads

    1. indiamart

      Dear Pushpendra,

      Our team is in constant touch with you regarding your concern. Due to outstanding payment, you got less leads.
      Our servicing team offered you multiple options to choose from regarding the packages. Please let them know which offer you would like to select.

  4. Manoj

    can you design star supplier pack with economical that you may offer 25 buy lead in a week/no bonus but lead of only quality asking people?
    i think it will be a great help to service industry who really give excellent quality products and services.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Manoj,

      Thank you for writing to us & we appreciate your concern. We have noted your suggestion & will forward it to the concerned team.
      Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

    2. Sumit

      Service and sales staff is pathetic , send good people bcos we form image of company on their appearance and presentation.

      PLs design star supplier package for economical category ( Fair value )
      Need listing in only 2 cities , thane and Mumbai for outdoor playground equipments…
      pls call on 92XXXXXX08/90XXXXXX63

    3. indiamart

      Hello Sumit,

      We have noted your request. Our sales team will contact you soon to discuss on your requirement.

    1. indiamart

      Dear E Murthy,

      Thank your interest in paid services of IndiaMART. We have noted your request for details. Our sales team will connect with you soon to discuss on the different paid packages that IndiaMART offers.

  5. Sujoy

    Please contact me on 90XXXX346 i am interested in your service.i am utensils wholeseller

    1. indiamart

      Dear Sujoy,

      Thank you for showing interest. We have forwarded your request to the team. Please be ensured they will connect with you.