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It is the goal of IndiaMART to make the lives of sellers easier by providing a world-class platform for selling. IndiaMART always strives to keep up to the latest technologies and designs that are trending on the Internet and use this technology to make the seller-buyer platform better. In this article we will get to know more about what IndiaMART has done to upgrade its “Seller Left Navigation feature”.

How was the previous Seller Left Navigation Feature? And why were changes proposed?

  • The sellers were often confused about the positions of the features on the seller left navigation. The sellers felt it was too cluttered and flickered because of the presence of a lot of submenu items
  • Many sellers felt that the features could be upgraded to be kept in sync with the more recent times

What are the new features of the seller left navigation?

  • Many of the submenu options have been removed, and these sub-menu options have been made part of primary pages
  • The submenu options that were under the “Manage products” as well as “Company Profile” has now been replicated under the “More options” panel on the respective primary pages of the IndiaMART website
  • The “Products and groups” option is now revamped and renamed to “Manage Products”
  • Two additions are “IndiaMART invoices” and “Photos & Docs” These have been relocated from their old positions and have been brought upfront to improve the visibility
  • The “Business Feeds” section has been replaced by “Who Viewed My Catalog” section now
  • The design of the pane is now sleeker and in accordance with the recent trends in design
  • The ratings are visible in the new version with a modification in the star icon design as well as the number of icons that are present. For example, if the seller has a 5-star rating, 5 stars will be displayed now. Also, the calculation of the star rating is also visible (5/5 or 10/15)

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