What security measures does IndiaMART take?

IndiaMART gives high amount of importance to the Personal Information Security of its customers.

  • IndiaMART is committed to the security of its buyers and suppliers. Security is the core element for our
    healthy growth, and to achieve this we use 256-bit encryption technology.
  • All your online transactions on IndiaMART are secure with the highest levels of transaction security
    currently available on the Internet.
  • Apart from this, all your information is safe with us as we do not share this with any third party for
    commercial use.
Security and Safety Tips for your IndiaMART Account
  • Never share your IndiaMART OTP (One-time password Received on your Email/Mobile) with anyone, even if the person claims to be an IndiaMART official
  • Never share your IndiaMART Account Password with anyone, even if the person claims to be an IndiaMART official
  • Never forward your IndiaMART emails to anyone, even if the IndiaMART official asks you to do so 
  • Always keep your email account(s) secured (Enable two-way authentication)
  • IndiaMART sends emails to users only from domain indiamart.com (Eg. *@indiamart.com)
    • Valid Example: customercare@indiamart.com
    • Fraud Example: paywithindiamart@gmail.com
  • Be advised that IndiaMART does not run any schemes offering prizes or lottery and we never call / SMS / WhatsApp / email anybody in this regard. If you are getting any such calls immediately share the details of call at +91-9696969696
  • For any doubt call at IndiaMART helpline- +91-9696969696 or write to us at customercare@indiamart.com to seek clarity
Security and Safety Tips for Buyers
  • Always insist for clear and explicit terms and conditions (in writing) of the deal/transaction  with the supplier (e.g. price, payment, refund and return policy, transportation cost, and delivery method/date etc.)
  • Watch out for unrealistic offers. Unrealistic offers are used to motivate buyers to make hasty decisions
  • Always insist on paying to the suppliers via PWIM only to secure your payment
  • Checkout the Bank City via IFSC code provided by the supplier and match it with the city claimed by the Supplier. Please also check the Bank account details of the supplier on his IndiaMART web-catalogue available on www.indiamart.com (if available)
  • Communicate with Suppliers on the numbers provided via IndiaMART and before making any payment, do call and confirm on the contact numbers available on IndiaMART.com
  • Never communicate with suppliers on WhatsApp call
  • Do not meet suppliers at unknown and unsafe locations
Security and Safety Tips for Suppliers
  • Always insist for clear and explicit  terms and conditions (in writing) of the deal/transaction  with the buyer (eg. price, payment, refund and return policy, transportation cost, and delivery method/date etc.)
  • Do not click on any UPI (Payment App) link to receive the payment from the Buyer or Person claiming to be Buyer or unknown person
  • UPI Pin is entered only when you make a payment and NOT when you receive money/payment from anyone
  • Always insist on getting payment from buyers through  PWIM
  • Do not meet buyers at unknown and unsafe locations
  • Always communicate on an official email address if a buyer is portraying as government servant/official/representative

IndiaMART highly recommends you to make payments for IndiaMART paid services via https://pay.indiamart.com. 
However, you can also pay via NEFT in the below-mentioned official account of IndiaMART.com. 
Account holder name: IndiaMART InterMESH Limited
Account number: 000705038655
IFSC code: ICIC0000007
Bank: ICICI (Connaught Place, Delhi)  

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    1. indiamart

      Hello Dilip,

      You need to check with your supplier if they can accept cash payment or not.

  1. Edson

    What is your attitude towards a supplier that does not deliver the goods? I bought a very important medicine for life, in the fight against cancer and the seller didn’t deliver it to me, it’s been ten days since I made the payment and I no longer have contact with the seller. I paid the amount of 445 dollars and besides not having the medicine they don’t want to return the deposited amount to me

    1. indiamart

      Hello Edson,

      We regret for the inconvenience caused. We have noted your concern. Our buyer-supplier conflict team will look into the issue on priority. Meanwhile, we would request you to also fill out our complaint form.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Oweni,

      IndiaMART does not on-board any foreign sellers on its platform as of now.

  2. Paul

    I would like to know I am in South Africa how um I going to get those things

    1. indiamart

      Hello Paul,

      IndiaMART does not take care of the transportation of products. You need to check with the supplier & finalize accordingly.

  3. Erick

    Hello ! Please give me 3 honest, trustworthy sellers that accept payments through PWIM I have to make a great purchase of anabolic steroids and I am San Juan Puerto Rico thank you very much Indiamart.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Noufiabi,

      IndiaMART’s representatives never ask for OTP. You need OTP only when you login into your account. Please do not share your password or OTP received on SMS or email to anyone.

  4. Kenn

    Do you check out your sellers for legitimacy and is there a place I can go to see if I am dealing with a reputable, trustworthy quality company

    1. Liton

      Rabbi bhi aponar kachey ki thyroxine sodium tablets ip 50mcg achey.my number 01922959506

    2. indiamart

      Hello Rabby,

      We do not on-board any supplier outside India. Hence, you cannot buy from a foreign supplier through IndiaMART.

  5. Claadss


    These guys are calling and claiming that they are calling from Indiamart and asking for OTP for verification purposes. After seeing your message. I told them i m not supposed to give even to India mart employees. at once they hung up the call. kindly check the numbers +918939269069, +918047245220.


    1. indiamart

      Hello Claadss,

      Thank you for writing to us. You did a great job. IndiaMART never ask for OTP from its customers. We will definitely check on these numbers and take appropriate actions.

  6. Fadi

    I’m buying from an india mart Supploer and already paid him by WU 25% of the sum and tofay he is shipping the goods and asking me tobpay another 25% how can I trust that he is not a crook or a ftaud?.. He said just being an infiamart member is already a security.. is this true?
    Please feed me back ASAP

    1. indiamart

      Hello Fadi,

      We regret for any inconvenience caused. Please click here to complain against any seller. Our team will asses the issue and will try to resolve it or take appropriate actions.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Jeffrey,

      You can login using your password or registered email ID and then update your mobile number through the IndiaMART portal.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Poobalan,

      You can verify to your IndiaMART account using your registered mobile number or email ID by login to your account through OTP. Please find here steps for Login.

  7. Pradeep

    Respected sir,
    Pls send me all raw materials for detergent powder price list on my what’sapp no.
    My what’sapp no. is 6284134260.

  8. Jobin

    I had an enquery about some products and i already got that. Still i am getting calls from peoples. How can i remove my number from indiamart???

  9. Caleb

    First time I dealt with a India Mart vendor and I got scammed for 40$. I needed meds and got screwed.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Caleb,

      We regret for the inconvenience caused. Please fill out the complaint form given in the above article for which a button is provided if you have not already filled. We will work on resolving
      the issue on priority. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

  10. Jagannath

    How can I delete my indiamart account ?I’m having anonymous call from sellers while searching the products