My seller is asking for online payment. Can I do it through Indiamart?

Pay with IndiaMART is a secure Gateway solution to IndiaMART users

  1. Pay with IndiaMART is a value-added service only for the Paid suppliers of IndiaMART.
  2. Buyers, however, can avail both the services: Pay with IndiaMART and IndiaMART Payment Protection.

The below-mentioned steps need to be followed by a user to complete payment through Pay with IndiaMART:

    1. The user goes to the seller’s IndiaMART catalog and clicks on Pay with IndiaMART.
    2. The user then enters his/her mobile number and product details.
    3. Use Pay with IndiaMART payment methods to make the payment.
    4. After the user has done the payment, the seller will get a notification to accept the payment.


IndiaMART Payment Protection helps buyers and sellers secure their payments. It is also available for suppliers listed with free catalog on IndiaMART.

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