Revamped Product Add/Edit Journey on Seller Desktop

IndiaMART is always finding new ways to make life easier for sellers and buyers who use the IndiaMART platform. In order to do this, IndiaMART has evaluated the current journey for adding or editing products. In the research for the same, we have identified that in order to make the customer experience richer, we have to reduce the number of clicks that the customer has to do to add a product and make the user interface more fluid. For effective feedback, a better logical sequencing of the input fields is needed.

How was the previous Product Add/Edit Journey on the desktop version for Sellers?

  • In order to add a product, the user had to go through 4 stages, and many users felt that the forms were too tedious to fill
  • It was possible to add only a single image at a time. The user had to follow a lengthy process to add more than one image
  • Product groups were to be added manually by the user, and it was not automatic
  • Though the product score is important to the enrichment of the product, it had low visibility
  • The user interface was not in accordance with the current trends in design and development

In order to make the seller-buyer experience easier on the IndiaMART platform, we have introduced some additional features as well as some modifications to existing features.

Screenshots of the old version:

1. Product Addition Screen

2.Product Score

3. Specification 

What are the new features of the Product Add/Edit Journey on the desktop version for Sellers?

  • Product Addition:
  • The seller can now add the products in just two steps (rather than the previous 4)
  • The user can select the group of the product from pre-filled suggestions that are generated by the system. This is based on the name of the product that the user is adding
  • The product categories are also automatically selected by the system, and the user does not have to add them manually anymore
  • Additional details of the product will now come after the main specifications on the same screen that the user is viewing
  • IndiaMART is now using advanced technology that will help in improving the loading time for changes in content. New content will now be displayed instantly, and the user will not have to refresh the page to see the changes
  • The prominence of the product score has also been increased. It is now more visible because there is a dedicated widget that is fixed in place for displaying the product score
  • Photo addition:
  • The user can now upload multiple pictures at one go for a product. The maximum number of photos that the user can upload for a product is fixed at 13
  • The user can also change the first image that the buyer sees by dragging and dropping an image to the first position
  • The photos are uploaded in the order of how they were selected.
  • The entire user interface has been upgraded to give the user a more modern experience. The User Interface has been designed with the latest trends in the industry

Screenshots of the new design:

1. Product Addition Screen

2. Product Score Widget

3. Add Multiple Image Widget


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