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Buyers are as important as sellers on the IndiaMART platform. IndiaMART has upgraded the payment page on the ‘’ by the latest design standards and features. The main objective of this change s to improve the overall user experience on the IndiaMART platform.

What were the issues in the old payments page?

There were a few issues that users reported having when they were using the IndiaMART payments page:

  • The design of the screen was not very user-friendly; the user had to scroll quite far back down to see some important information like the pending payments as well as the completed payments
  • This was coupled with a cluttered look and too much information
  • There was no space on the first fold page of the ‘buyer my’ for users to know about any new offers of paying with IndiaMART

What are the changes that have been incorporated now?

Many changes have now been incorporated in the ‘’ payments page, they are:

  • The complete UI of the page has been upgraded to give it a sleeker and more modular look. The design is more pleasing to the eye as there is not a lot of information that is cluttered on the screen
  • The buyer can now see all the information regarding the payments in the first fold of the page itself. The ‘Make payment’ section has also been reduced in size
  • The mobile number of the seller is followed by a selection of the most frequently contacted buyers
  • The payment-related information like the pending payments and completed payments information are now displayed horizontally
  • The date of the transaction has also been prominently displayed on the right side of each of the information boxes
  •  ‘Make payment’ buttons are also prominently displayed inside the rectangular boxes of the pending payments section of the page. This will make it easier for the user to identify and start the payment process with just one glance
  • The option for “Download Receipt” is also displayed alongside the information on the completed payments
  • Promotional space has also been added to the payments tab in the ‘My buyer’ page. This promotional space has been added in the first fold itself, which will make it more prominent
  • At the end of the page, there is a small “How it works” information panel with small individual icons that explain the process of securing your purchase with IndiaMART. This will help new users understand the process

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