Reminder page & Filter enhancement on Lead Manager

In order to be an effective place for business, IndiaMART had implemented a reminder feature. Now, IndiaMART has done extensive research about the same to understand how the users of IndiaMART are using this feature and identified what can be done to improve this particular feature to increase business on the platform. The reminder feature was used to view all the reminders of the day in a single list.

What were the problems with the old system of reminders?

  • The client(seller) used to set up reminders to follow up with potential buyers
  • All the reminders of the day were visible in a single list, and the seller used to follow up with the buyer through calls or chat throughout the day. Some sellers were not able to remember which buyers they had already contacted and which buyers they are yet to contact
  • Some of the sellers used the ‘mark as done’ feature that was available on the portal to keep track of all the follows ups that have been done. But, the problem with this was that this list was not visible anywhere upfront
  • There was also no option to check past reminders or upcoming reminders. The seller could check only the day’s reminders in lead manager

What has IndiaMART done to improve reminders functionality?

  1. IndiaMART has introduced a dedicated page for reminders on the platform. This page contains the following features:
  2. Past reminder: This would display the list of all the contacts with past reminders. (before the current date)
  3. Today’s reminder: This feature displays the list of contacts for whom reminder has been set for the current date
  4. Upcoming reminder: This feature will show the list of contacts for whom reminders have been set for a future day (that is after the current date)

Screenshots of this feature:

  • Mark as done option upfront:
  • Before, the ‘mark as done’ feature was shown only if the seller tried to edit the reminder with multiple clicks (reference image as shown below)
  • But now, this can be done with just two touchpoints
  • Contact lists:
  • The seller can now mark the reminder as completed from the contact list itself. This will make the process more convenient
  • If there are multiple reminders that have been set up for the current date for the same contact on the list, and if the seller marks one of the entries as completed, then all the entries for that particular contact will automatically become marked as completed
  • In a similar fashion, if the same activity has been completed from upcoming reminders, then all the future reminders for that same contact will get marked as done automatically
  • This feature is also applicable to past reminders

Screenshot of this feature:

  • Reminder list:
  • When the user clicks on the ‘set reminder’ button that is displayed on the top menu, then the user will be able to view all the reminders that have been set for that particular contact
  • The reminder list will be displayed based on the latest reminder that has been added
  • If an upcoming reminder has been marked as completed by the seller, then IndiaMART will not send any notifications from the app, nor will the seller get intimation in the form of an email or SMS alert

Screenshot of this feature:

  • A green tick on marking a reminder as done
  • As soon as the seller marks a reminder as done or completed, a small green tick will be shown for convenience
  • On the contact list, a green tick will be shown against a contact if all the reminders for that contact have been marked as done
  • For example, if you are on the reminder list for today and there are more than one reminders that have been set for a particular contact, a green tick will be displayed on the contact list only if all the reminders are marked as completed for that contact.
  • Reminder snippet in the contact list

On clicking the reminder option from the top left menu from the IndiaMART portal, a list of contacts on which the reminders are set are shown (refer screenshot above). Before, the contact list was the same as the normal default view, but the following changes have been made:

  • Reminder snippet instead of message snippet: A reminder snippet will show the ‘type of reminder set for time'(Refer below screenshot)
  • The last reply timestamp has been removed to avoid confusion
  • The hide contact icon has also been removed
  • Filter enhancement

To have a complete display of all filters in one single view, the below-mentioned changes have been made:

  • The single view has been implemented to view the maximum filters available in a single view. Scroll based view is no longer available
  • Date filter changes:
  • This has been merged with the filter list(was present in the outside filter list before)
  • 2019 has been included as a year-wise filtering option
  • Last week filter option has been included

With these changes, the position of the reminder option and the position of the filter option has been changed, and the unread ones have been shifted to the left. Please refer to the below screenshots:

Previous version screenshot:

New version Screenshot:

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