Reminder page & Filter enhancement on Lead Manager

IndiaMART has introduced a dedicated page for reminders on the platform. This page contains the following features:

  1. Past reminder: This would display the list of all the contacts with past reminders. (before the current date)
  2. Today’s reminder: This feature displays the list of contacts for whom reminder has been set for the current date
  3. Upcoming reminder: This feature will show the list of contacts for whom reminders have been set for a future day (that is after the current date)

Screenshots reference for Past Reminder:

Screenshot reference for Today’s Reminder:

Screenshot reference for Upcoming Reminder:

Mark as done option upfront:

Set Reminder button:

  • When the user clicks on the ‘set reminder’ button that is displayed on the top menu, then the user will be able to view all the reminders that have been set for that particular contact
  • The reminder list will be displayed based on the latest reminder that has been added
  • If an upcoming reminder has been marked as completed by the seller, then IndiaMART will not send any notifications from the app, nor will the seller get intimation in the form of an email or SMS alert

Screenshot of Set Reminders feature:

Filter enhancement

Various filter option is available like location, duration, type of lead etc. Below is the screenshot for reference:

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