Where do I see the reason of rejection for my product listing?

You can see the list of all your rejected listings, along with the reason of rejection, in the Manage Products>> Inactive section of your seller panel, under ‘Rejected’ tab. You must take appropriate action to correct your listing.

Possible reasons for product listing rejection

  • Unclear product name
  • Irrelevant or no product description
  • Mismatch in the product name and product description
  • Test/dummy/duplicate product listing
  • Invalid watermark or contact details on the product listing
  • Plagiarism (i.e. copied from Google or any other source)
  • Product image captured/clicked from a computer screen
  • Incomplete description on ISQ
  • Rejected by suspect IP

However, there may be additional reasons for product rejection. IndiaMART reserves the rights to approve/reject product listing.

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    1. indiamart

      Hello Haraz,

      Rejected by Suspect IP refers to the scenario where your Country IP is not matching with your Country. In this scenario any updated product is automatically rejected on Seller Platform.
      Please connect with your ISP for the resolution of this problem.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Yunus,

      Our team is in touch with you. We hope that your queries have been answered. Please feel free to reach us if you face any issue.

      Thank you!