I have registered my free catalog but it’s not listed yet. Why?

Once the details are submitted, a free account is created and you can access your account any time. In the case of incomplete information, the account would be manually verified and would be live within 48 hours.

However, if a company is not listed within the stipulated time, it may be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect e-mail ID
  • Incomplete or incorrect contact details
  • Incomplete or incorrect company details
  • Insufficient business description provided
  • If you have added less than 3 products in your catalog while creating your account.
  • IndiaMART allows only Indian Suppliers to be on-boarded. If you are supplier of any country other than India then your company will not be listed on our Portal.

You can contact us at customercare@indiamart.com to find out details.

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  1. Shera

    I take India Mart service on 25th November but yet not started. And your executive officer are not any answer to me .

    1. indiamart

      Dear Shera,

      Thank you for reaching us. Your services are live now. Let us know if you have any other query.

  2. Shreya

    I have created a product catalogue but cannot see the ad for them on other phones. In manage product section it shows under active section. Is there something else required to do?

    1. indiamart

      Dear Shreya,

      We hope that your issue has been resolved. If still the issue persists then fill the complain form. Our team will take care of it.

      Thank you!

  3. Amruta

    I am not getting any idea of my products are online been shown or not. And as a buyer it is visible or not. There is no provision of this. I got call to know about my listings will be activated today but nothing is notified after that. Is my products available I have added 15 products.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Concern,

      We hope that your issue has been resolved. If still the issue persists then fill the complain form. Our team will take care of it.

      Thank you!

  4. Gokul

    I have tried to add product in my free account multiple times, but not getting approved or shown.
    After few days again it system ask me too add 3 products again.
    Would you kindly fix this issue and visible my account?
    Or let me know if any action required from me?

    1. indiamart

      Dear Gokul,

      Your seller account has not been created properly hence you are facing such issue. Request you to follow the steps mentioned in the article to sell your products on IndiaMART. If you still face any issue then fill the complain form. Our team will take care of it.

      Thank you!

    1. indiamart

      Dear Bunty,

      We hope that your issue has been resolved. Let us know if you are still facing any issue.

      Thank you!

    1. indiamart

      Hello Venkataraman,

      IndiaMART does not onboard sellers for our paid package for the services which you want to sell. Also, GST is mandatory.

    1. indiamart

      Dear Nanada,

      Thank you for reaching us. Request you to please follow the steps mentioned in the article to disable your account.


  5. Jagjit

    We have sent you many mails and didnt recieve any reply for change in web designing for approval..still it tooks too much time for finilize our page.kindly do needful to do it fast.

  6. CIPPS

    Hi,I have registered my catalog week back but it’s not listed yet nor getting any enquirers

    1. indiamart

      Hello CIPPS,

      Our per your discussion with our sales team, thank you for showing interest in our paid services. Our team is trying to contact you to take this process further. Requesting you to please do not miss the call.

  7. Rajat

    I made a seller account on India
    mart and have added the product for selling but I can see that my catalogue is not activated yet.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Rajat

      The products added by you reflect on your catalog within 24 hours (subject to approval by IndiaMART). If the product is not listed on catalog, you must first check if the product listing has been approved or rejected. You can see the list of all your rejected listings, along with the reason of rejection, in the Manage Products>> Inactive section of your seller panel, under ‘Rejected’ tab. You must take appropriate action to correct your listing

  8. Jaya

    I purchased 2LB neutral henna powder from indianherbsonline.com ..i also paid for it online..when i logged back again..they show a message ‘no orders placed’ and no transaction done! This is fraudulence and is completlet devastating for innocent customers like us who trust indiaMart and sellers on this huge platform..this should be seriously taken note off..kindly revert me my order details on my email od:dubeyjaya123456@gmail co.
    Or on my number6206010655

    Order details: Your Order#100000352 on https://www.indianherbsonline.com for INR 368.00 was successful.CCA Ref No:108688248543

    1. indiamart

      Hello Jaya,

      We regret for the inconvenience caused. We have noted your concern and our team will connect with you shortly to resolve the issue.
      Please let us know if you need any other help.

  9. Apoorva

    I am not able to contact any of the dealers with the contact number provided. We are calling from our company phone number. We are thinking it might be black listed. How to get rid of this issue. We are cost consultants and we do procurement by comparing the cost from different vendors.

    1. indiamart

      Hello Apoorva,

      Thanks for writing to us. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. We can connect more suppliers to you to help you fulfill your requirement. Please reach out to us at customercare@indiamart.com or call on +91-9696969696. We look forward to help you.