Queries related to IndiaMART Verified Exporter Service

Question 1: How can I see my Buy Lead Balance on Seller. IM?
Answer: Customer will be able to see the balance on Seller.IM in the ‘BL Balance’ (Screenshot Below)

Question 2: Can I consume BuyLeads allocated in my existing package to consume Foreign Leads along with the ‘ IndiaMART Verified Exporter’ service?
Answer: IndiaMART Verified Exporter package is an exclusive Service and only BuyLeads allocated to you as part of the package can be utilised to consume Foreign Leads.

Weekly & Daily BuyLeads allocated to you as per your earlier service (MDC, Maximiser, TrustSEAL, Star, Leader, Featured Leader, Industry Leader) can be used for consuming Indian Leads only.

Question 3: Do I get more Daily BuyLeads with this product?
Answer: ‘IndiaMART Verified Exporter’ is an exclusive service to consume Foreign BuyLeads. In this service you are allocated with Weekly BuyLeads.

SILVER package gives you 10 BuyLeads per Week & GOLD package gives you 25 BuyLeads per week.

If you want to consume Foreign BuyLeads more than you Weekly Allocation, you can always purchase a Foreign BuyLead package from Seller.IM portal.

Question 4: What will be the Buy lead lapse policy for ‘IndiaMART Verified Exporter’ Service?
Answer: Suppliers will be allocated Foriegn Buyleads Credits every Sunday under the service. Unconsumed Buyleads will Lapse on Saturday 11:59 PM

Hosting BuyLeads or BuyLeads allocated in the first week of Hosting will be yearly lapsable.

Question 5: What happens to Weekly Buy Lead Allocation if a seller is marked PNS Defaulter or Email defaulter?
Answer: If you are marked as PNS or email defaulter, then you will be allocated only 7 BuyLeads per week irrespective of the service type till the default tag gets removed.

Question 6: What will be the listing/visibility criteria of this product?
Answer: Customers will be visible as per their listing Services package.

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