What is Product Score and Why do you need?

It is a score given to your product by IndiaMART based on the amount of information shared for your product. More the score higher the listing.

Why do you need High Product score:

  • It makes your product most searchable on Indiamart
  • Makes sure buyers get all the relevant information about your product

How can you increase your product score?

There are two components of product score
1)Basic Details
2)Product specifications

Basic Details:
1)Product Name
2)Product Photo
3)Product Price
5)Product group
6)Product Category

If the product image dimension is 500×500 you get additional 15 points  These component form 80% of your product score for remaining 20% you should add product specification.

Product Specifications:

If you add 4 specification your score 5 point, for 5 specifications score is 10 point and for more than 5 specifications you score full 20 points.

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