Now Language is no more a Problem for Business

હવે ભાષા માટે વ્યવસાયમાં કોઈ સમસ્યા નથી.  
Agora oferecemos suporte a "vários idiomas"

English Translation

Language is no more a problem for business.
We now support “Multiple Languages“.


IndiaMART is helping millions of SMEs to expand their business exponentially. Our sellers presently are overwhelmed with the number of leads they are receiving on a daily basis along with the way their leads are being managed diligently.

Although all was running smooth, we realised the problem that was being more or less persistent. The problem that many of our users are not very fluent in English. There are many who can understand English, but are not very well in verbal or written communication in the language mentioned. And this led to poor communication with the buyers, and affected the generation of leads marginally.

To solve this problem,  and to provide our users with the best possible service we have gone a step ahead. Now Lead Manager & Messages would support (Internationalization & Localization) Multiple Languages i.e. you can now reply in any language that you are most comfortable in.

Language plays a crucial role in the overall interface of the product and nothing can be better if we can support more languages to cater to a wider audience. It will surely make our product more user-friendly and would provide the ease-of-use to a large audience base.

What happened before the Implementation of this Feature?
Before this implementation, if a user replied in any language other than English, then it was treated as junk and the text was replaced by inverted question marks which were in an incomprehensible format.

How Implementing the Feature will change the scenario?
But now with this implementation, you can seamlessly reply in any language you are comfortable in. We have now gone local as well as international since we are supporting all forms of languages.

The feature to reply in different languages is supported in the messaging segment as well as in Snippet. Moreover, this implementation is not just Desktop specific but it is uniform across all platforms be it Android app, IOS app or mobile site.

Major benefits the feature comes with:

  1. Multiple languages mean serving a wider audience base
  2. Customer-centric: With this feature, we are making the platform more customer-friendly, which will essentially increase the customer experience.
  3. Overcomes cultural barriers
  4. Bring in more trust

We will not stop ourselves here. Going ahead, we will be rolling out “Message Translation” which will help to translate any given language to English.

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    Actually i want a indiamart Franchise
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    1. indiamart

      Dear Udal,

      IndiaMART is an online B2B portal where buyers and suppliers meet. We do not have any franchise. If you wish to sell product at our portal please click here.

      Thank you!