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With the focus for helping millions of businesses in India, we keep inventing and introducing features that would help business grow exponentially. Keeping our motive intact, we have started giving user an option of viewing and consuming company pages (m-site) in Hindi.

Why have we done this?
Internet is now a battleground for content. Many e-commerce platforms have already started displaying their pages in various languages. This is especially because, 52% voice searches on m-site are on languages other than English, and 38% of these voice searches are on Hindi. And hence, after successful implementation of vernacular on PDP/MCAT & search we are slowly progressing towards serving the entire m-site in Hindi.

What has been done?
We have started offering users to view and consume static content (Content handled on the front end) on company pages in Hindi. 

Note: All contents that we receive from services would be shown in English only.

  • User will be shown an option to select the preferred language as English (default)or हिंदी
  • A tooltip will be visible to the user until he starts scrolling. It will again become visible if the user refreshes the page
  • If the user selects हिंदी as preferred language, he will be shown all the static content of company pages in हिंदी
  • This feature is provided to Indian users only
  • This feature is available across all JS based browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc.)

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      Hello Sukhvinder,

      Product prices can be seen along with the product description on the search result page. The buyers can filter their search of products with price by checking the box beside Price in the filter section.
      You can also Post Your Requirement to get verified suppliers for your product.