New Widget implementation in Identified Mode on Buyer Home Page

IndiaMART is always thinking about the experience that the buyers on the platform have. In order to improve the experience of the buyer on the IndiaMART platform, we have now introduced a new widget that is available on the home page of the buyer (accessible by the link: The recommended categories is an important feature as it helps buyers find items that they need in very short times without having to search for it.

What was the design before the new widget?

  • Recommended categories of products were visible to the user in two modes, that is the full login mode and the identified mode
  • In order to implement more features to the IndiaMART website, service teams have used some advanced security features that require authentication
  • Once these features are implemented, the recommended categories option was not being displayed in the immediate mode and was visible only in the full login mode.

What has been done to counter the problem is identified mode?

  • IndiaMART has now implemented a new widget that is specially designed for the identified mode by using the recent data of the user that is available on the page.
  • With this new widget, a maximum of 10 recommended categories can be shown to the user on this page.
  • This feature will work only if there is any recent data of the user that is present on the page. Only in this condition, the new widget would be displayed.
  • The new widget section for the identified mode is still in the experimental phase. We are constantly taking data and reviews from user s about this. Once the impact of this feature is seen, further rollouts can be observed.

How Does the new widget on the identified version of the buyer home page look?

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